Monday, May 11, 2009

zaffran's day out

tgok kucing tu pnat tggu zaffran bgun kejar...
syoknya dpt pijak tanah...heheh
jalan mcm anak ketam jalan..tak stabil jerk..ksut berat..heheh

syoknya ada bnyak bnda boleh explore...penat laaaaa...

sori tebalik movie ni..aku taktahu camna nak bg btul..heheh..ada boleh tolong???

Zaffran started to walk unassited by anytg last Thursday night..and he just turned 10mths old last monday....I didnt realize that he was walking by himself as he was holding to the walls to walk.suddenly he came to me walking by himself and his steps is more than he used to, 2,3 steps...and since than he was walking here n there...I was sooooo happy and fascinated..tq Allah

so in the weekend, I put on his shoes and brought him out..he was screaming with joy as he can walk by himslf n play around as u can see in the video.he was chasing after Dawn, our pet cat..and Dawn was walking a few distance n wait till he came near then he walks again..he was turning back n looking at zaffran as if playing catch with him ..hehehe

then yesterday,Zaffran was able to climb on the sofa by himself n keep banging on the TV screen..My my active...but poor zaffran as our house is so chomel u dont really have soooo much space to run...InsyAllah ya, we will find a bigger space for u my dear..hehehe


  1. Waaaahhhhh..

    Zaffran dgn MACHOnye dia berjalan!!!

    Alhamdulillah.. happy for you! You must be very proud..

    Nisa' masih cruising and loves crawling at her 13 months of age..


    Alhamdulillah... maybe she is the Glenn Doman baby who crawls until 18 mths.. I don't know...

    Nevermind Nisa'.. lets converge the vision more and more!!


  2. tq hanum...mmg sgt happy n bngga bdk kenit tu dah jalannn....nisa' slow n staedy...dia enjoying the moment of being a baby boy ni evrtg ni suma bnda xpress heheheh...tak sbr nak jd toddler kot..heheh

  3. wahhhhhhhh

    sgt kagum..rugi xdapat tgk Zaffran masa mula2 berjalan.
    lepas ni blik, dh boleh berlari pe

  4. Syukur tengok Zaffran. Cepat betul masa berlalu... nak tahu jarak masa kita lihat saja perkembangan bayi.Post video banyak2. at least dapat hilangkan rasa missed those precious moments.