Tuesday, May 26, 2009

raising smart kids vs being kid smart

Kalau nak anak jadi pandai dan berjaya (insyaAllah), then do these:

1. Get parents' blessing before getting married.

2. Get grandparents blessing before getting married.

3. Talk to intelligent people who have good advice to give (eg professors, imam, tok2 guru, etc)
4. Listen to good things, don't listen to bad things.

5. Be positive, not negative.

6. Do not have any debts before marriage.

7. Get married the cheapest way.

8. Have children spaced at 3 years apart.

9. Focus on bringing up each child.

10. Talk to the child 24 hours unless the child is asleep.

11. Always touch, stroke or caress the child when you speak to the child, esp the head region.

12. Don't raise your voice when you reprimand the child (telling what is wrong will suffice).

13. Don't beat up the child.

14. Let the child explore the environment; just keep an eye on the child.

15. Never let the child fall down and avoid all falls that involve the head or banging the head

.16. Don't let the child shout or cry too long; let him/her learn to say things or convey desires.

17. Listen to the child speak and then say smthg, don't butt in as it scares the child.

18. Let the child write to you and not the other way; you only respond as this is what the child expects. Make your response good and positive.

19. Talk/reprimand the child only after food when the child is full, not when she/he is hungry or waiting for food.

20. Don't laugh at the child but let the child laugh at his/her own mistakes. Correct the child in the simplest way.

21. Don't ask the child what he has done for the day but go through what he/she has done (look at the work produced and comment. Never say the work is bad, no good, sub-std, etc.
Always use positive psychology.

22. Respect the child and his/her hidden potentials which only Allah knows. Allah knows all benda2 ghaib.

23. Pray to Allah that he will give His "nur" to the child, "nur" from all angles and read the other doas (refer al-Quran).

Overall: The intelligent child is actually a blessed child. You don't need money to create intelligent children. Doa and positive attitude are best (these are free).

From Scientific American:

People do differ in intelligence, talent and ability. And yet research is converging on the conclusion that great accomplishment, and even what we call genius, is typically the result of years of passion and dedication and not something that flows naturally from a gift. Mozart, Edison, Curie, Darwin and Cézanne were not simply born with talent; they cultivated it through tremendous and sustained effort. Similarly, hard work and discipline contribute much more to school achievement than IQ does.

More at: http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=the-secret-to-raising-smart-kids

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