Monday, May 4, 2009

a long journey

yesterday was the day that I received news bout my cnfirmation...if people ask whther Im glad?of cos I am..still am...I strted working in first job was catering dietitian in a private hosp in the negeri of Panglima Melayu ituhh...the job really sucks...I have to get up at 5am n goes to work after subuh prayer n came home during mgrb or before mgrb...only day off sunday..I was supposed to watch the catering of the pt's menu bla bla bla..but the management was so bad, n the bos is so garang u know...he would shouted at us for no reason at all, but at me...not so I was the dietitian n anthr female staff besides two other female cooks..the people there is friendly but the words they used are quite harsh sumtimes...but I know they meant no harm...the compny actually provide me a room that I have to share with the Indian cook..the room was being rented out by the landlady in a terrace house..they have 3 bedrooms upstairs n 1 small room downstairs rented by a man!!!I can still remmber the horrors of the 1st time I saw that was so small n it has 1 double decker bed n 1 single bed..the cook sleeps in the lower bunk, n the top bunk was filled with her 'patung2 hindu n offering n colok'...I was sooooo depressed n close to crying.. I dont know how I can survive in this room..for I believe that A MAN's HOUSE is HIS least I have a nice n peace place to stay n pray..n how am I gonna pray with all the incent's smell n those hindu tokong...n Allah then sent another muslim sister to my rescue...Saiyidah was the girl staying in the next room...she actually tegur dulu n tanya keje mana sume...n she offered for me to stay with her in the next I accepted the offer...Tq Allah..the room have only bare necessities...tilam, tali nak gntung baju, towel, pnykut plastik, timba, kasut n a small tv that accompany us in the room...the toilet we have to share with other tenants where evrbody wash n dried their clothes in there..can u imagine all sorts of feminine things in there...My GOD!!just thinking bout that place makes me of the tenants usually have her boyfren came n stay with her n she's a GRO ...we have to be really careful when going out as her boyfren came in out as he wants...

night time there was really noisy as all the houses were terrace n so close all together..n this one chinese lady used to karaoke all sorts of songs from chinese opera to lagu melayu like Rasa Sayang n others...she used to sing till in the wee hours of GOD!!at first I have problem to sleep..but in the end, those horrible singing just lullaby me to sleep..but it was not a fitfull sleep..I was so tired everyday...I had to stand all day, cope with the Nepalese staff that doenst really undtsnd malay..cope with the fiery psychotic bos..I was hoping to hear from UKm actually for the dietitian's post..during my dentist apmnt in UKM, I wnt n saw Prof Fatimah n tell her of my woes n beg her(beg ke??boleh la...heheh) to help me get the offer ltter from UKM ASAP as I cant stand working there anymore...I was crying almost evry night sb tak tahn dgn keje n my surrounding...nak call umi tiap mlm nnti abumi risau, so evry night call sapa lagi..zulffi sdih sgt n pressure sgt..keje horror, rmh pun horror....huhuh..mgkin aku ni tlalu di pampered or used to nice things of nice life kot...

Y didnt I jus quit??well, 1st, I was so malu nak balik bertam semula n admit to all my famly yang aku dah bernti keje n tak thn keje cam tuh...2nd, aku sorg2 kat sana..nak blik, nak angkut all my begs bsar tu camana?nak pg stsyn bas dgn apa..3rd, aku pk nak smpn duit bnyak2 dulu n nnti bila keje ukm tak dpt gji utk bulan ptama kedua , ada la back up, aku sabar la gaks...then when aku dpt UKM offer letter, then KKM the next day..dilema nak plih mana, but since Prof Fatimah dah bnyak tlg nak dpt this job, kalau aku tak pg msti nnti smpi ke tua org bercerita...lgpun prof dah smngt nak tolong.n Prof Fatimah ni bkn sume org dia nak baik n tolong beria2 aku trima kje UKM...aku msuk UKM 15 April 05. n actually its a good time for me to go sb ada crisis yg dtg dr staf dapur yang buatkan aku nak melarikan diri dr sana n aku mls nak handle...I love staying in that Panglima Melayu state bcos of the historical place, the mall, the scenery..but bcos of the job, the surrounding, the evrytg there makes me so hate it that I refused to remember evrytg bout that place...n till now certain things I still refused to remember n talk about it...huhu..

In UKM, I met new people...but the working environment is not that satisfying with me...the bekeng type people, the back stabbing n goes behind our back thing makes me doesnt really enjoy it...but I love my house where I shared it with a few other girls...kak hanim, kak nurul, anis..then we moved to a bigger house where naim, su, kak qot, haida came n joined us..I had a blast of a time...I really love it...I love that the house in BTs is near the LRT station, near kdi mkn, shell n so on..dkat dgn giant, care4, it compensates the work yang tak brapa best except ms teaching student...n then my mom urged me to mnta utk USM.plan asal nak mnta BERTAM spya sng zulffi tak pyh pndh2 sb dia kje penang...but then my rezeki smpi utk ke HUSM..agak berbelah bagi nak pg atau tak...I love UKM.its where i got my degree, I know the people n the way there since first yr Degree..I love my house that I shared with all of my sisters....I love the place where I live.n masa tu juga UKM dah offer utk serap as pgwai tetap..sblm tu kntrak...bila pk, nak pg dok Klntan, tak knal sapa, takde sapa2..tmpt tak pnah pg..nak kena mula service from scratch when kwn2 aku yg lain dah cnfirm, dah amik PTK sume..
but bilaabumi suruh pg, hati pun brat nak pg n aku pk, aku nak mula famly dgn KB is a better place for us..less hassle, no jam, chepaer living cost, nicer house, btter place utk educate anak2, better islamic surrounding ...aku nekad n tawakal, aku pindah...

Alhamdulillah..its the best choice for a long run..the works surrounding is much n still am better...the people, the staff is soooo friendly n nice, they are so good n welcoming.I have great frens here..the ptient is less 'berlagak n eksyen' , the food is cheap, the kain n tdg is murah n cntik n I can beli tdg cntik2 n latest design that I can afford to buy bnyk2..hehehe..all in all aku suka dduk kat sini..if pk kena balik KL?no tq..tak kot..pnat rs..wpun all the good things in life dtg lmbt pd aku, aku syukur aku dpt juga..wpun kalau aku nk pk, bnyak yg aku rugi bila aku msuk UKM, pndh Usm but ada hikmahnya sumwhere....wpun ada la bnda yg tak brapa best tuh, but ttp mata je la...hehehe..msti ada pro cons..manada sume bnda best ajeeee...kan???

bila imbas balik dr awal aku keje smpi skrg, thank you Allah for evrytg..its a great improvement from ms dkt negeri M***** itu than di sini....


  1. salam LadyQay,
    semoga pengalaman itu akan mematangkan lagi LadyQay dalam menempuh jatuhbangun dunia bekerjaya.. good luck!

  2. tq kak yong...rsnya kalo tak jatuh n sakit takkan ingt kan..heheh