Thursday, May 7, 2009

books books n more books..

Zaffran lately really loves to open his small board books n look tru it..I say its reading but his Abah's said its looking..heheh..well, I say its reading although he doesnt really know how to read YET actually...when we open his books n read it to him, making sound of the police car, aeroplane, animals, he smiles n laughs..he will sit quietly while we read to him...I found that as a positive sign that he would love to read...

I am an avid reader..I love nothing else than reading n love for books, sometimes makes me sanggup ikat perut or sacrifice buying new things just to have that book...(ini jd ms time Harry Potter la..expensive maaa dulu..skrg alahai..murah la sesangat...) but seeing my complete collections makes me,sigh with satisfaction....

this month, my passion utk abiskan duit(huhuhuhu..last month babywearing) adalah books for my boy..i want him to be an avid reader like me n my famly, I want to nurture the love for books n knowledge from now..I always read in my prgnncy, then while I bfeed him during cnfinement, I always read as a way to past the longggg time he was bfeeding..but when his wt increasing, I need both of my hands to hold him n he always would try to pull my book away, make me had to I only read when he's playing quietly.....or sound asleep...

the thing that really makes me so into finding books for Zaffran beside his growing interest in books is the post I found in Hansz blog...I was so green with jealousy of how many books that she makes me soooo smgt giler nak kmpul buku mcm dia I started to read her post bout the books to buy, suggestion of books, type of really opens my eyes. Tq Hansz..I started to browse tru all the on9 bbokstores to find the best bargain of books for my son.some of the books suggested by Hansz like Eric Carle books,Mog n Meg series are the books I used to read..I think..heheh cos it just bring back snatches of memories from my childhood n it looks sooooo familiar..maybe its from the time when I was in St Margaret Infant School...probably...

the web that sell this kind of books is quite expensive..I mean expensive cos one book equalls to maybe 20-30 ringgit above..some even cost around 50ringgit above my my....if gitu satu bulan bapa je buku boleh bli eh???so, next thing is finding 2ndhand books...i tried to find on9, but no on9 stores for 2ndhand books in msia but u can try to find it in , ebay,, ORRRR PayLessbookwhere it has to stores in Ampang Point n 1Utama..there maybe you could find 2ndhand books for ur kids..and another is where the books are quite cheap and lots of choice n they even can send it to Msia...buttttt the postage cost almost double the price in Malaysia when u get the 1st hand unless, u have somebody in US who's coming back this summer, then u can ask them to help u find it...heheh...if not try to search tru Juaimurah

well, for me, here where I really need my sis in Dublin n bro in Korea to help me find those books I want, either 1st or 2ndhand...hehehe...sapa lagi nak mnta tlg kan..hehehe

In overseas. its easier to find 2ndhand toys n books than in Malaysia..I still remembered my parents used to bring us to this garage sales where there are lots of people selling things n stuffs out of the back of their wagon car..we really have books, toys that's really in good cndition..N it really is worth it...nowadays we can really find 2ndhand stuff like carseat bla bla bla in lots of on9 stores but books..not so much..Y ya??maybe sb buku is a treasure kot..huhuhu..I wish people would sell more books so it can benefit others..hehehe

PS: I really envy Hanum n Ija, borong sakan 2ndhand books for their kids....huhuh


  1. salam,
    i'm bloghopping. tajuk yg ada 'books' mmg menarik perhatian saya :) skrg dah byk blogs selling 2nd hand books. try visit, and from there ada links to several other blogs. ada jugak blogs lain yg lebih byk books for kids jugak, tp takde pulak url yg saya hafal..

  2. Jangan lupa cari juga kat DBP. Cerita tentang haiwan n kanak-kanak yang banyak moral valuenya. Ingat Ikmi itek tua, kuat makan malas kerja?those sorts of things yang dekat dgn jiwa kanak2 and at the same time mengajar nilai2 murni yang kian susut dari jiwa kita. Those puisi2 also goood untuk jadikan jiwa mereka lembut. Kita kian melupakan segala yang indah2.

  3. upload skit gmbr zaffran membaca buku. pak njang nya rindu

  4. Qay,

    I'll definitely ENVY Ija after this... becoz I'm going back for Msia for good in another 2 mths while she will be staying here for another 10 years maybe?


    takpe takpe... kita cuba carik dan gunakan ape yg ade kat negara kita.. semuenye rezeki..

    insyaAllah.. M'sia is keep improving (in terms of this)...

  5. Salam LadyQay,

    wah.. sungguh2 ni mencari buku utk anak (anak2)..

  6. Salam LadyQay, only today managed to blog-hop to your sweet blog here. (Blush,blush)..great that u find my books chat in my chatterbox motivating..anything to share that I love to others is a great way of living & biggest compliment to behold.

    Like Mynie said...ada localonline store yg carry value books at low price, rather u shop abroad, look here (some that I can manage to find...)
    (children best-seller, well-recommended available aplenty)
    (varieties of books & even toys....)

    Hope that helps & enjoy reading with your loved ones!