Sunday, May 24, 2009

the red firetruck

zaffran loves red catches his eyes even when he was still we find out?i showed him aflash card of red n blue n green n yellow..he always take the red one..then the elmo from Anty Jel's house, then at Parkson gurney Plaza..he prefer red than other color...
then when I bought Sassy vehicle on the go, it has a small firetruck which is red..he loves it, prefer it than other last Thursday i bought a 2ndhand firetruck from is still in good cndition n it is electronic n has sound..zaffran was preparing to cry as I want to go to the kitchen to fridge his EBM..but when he saw the truck from the bag, he was so excited n keep playing with it for the whole one hour..I have time to finish my novel that evening bfore had to cook dinner...LOL
Tq firetruck..hehehhe

PS : please ignore all the sepah2 tuh on the background...


  1. salam QAy,

    budak lelaki memang suka toy kereta/lori ni.. fikri pun ntah brp byk koleksi dia makcik & atoknyer belikan.. ade yg dah tercabut tayar.. treller yg pjg pun dah abis tercabut tayar.. memula memang dia leka dok main, sampai tidur pun dgn kereta @ lori..

  2. dia suka merah mcm mak langnya is wonderfull...

  3. merah fave color mak lang..zaffran dah terikut mak lang k...hihih