Monday, November 22, 2010

34weeks and counting


YEs...I'm 34weeks and counting down to the day for delivery....sigh....
and today saw a prem baby in NICU that the current age and day is the same as the baby in my tummy...couldnt help to see and wonder, "owh this is how my baby looks now in my tummy.."  without all the wires, and tubes of cos....

the bag for me and the baby already packed and ready to be stored in the car yesterday(forgot to put it in today)'s bag also ready, and labour room bag also ready with a change of baby's clothes, towel, mitten and booties and also mathurat, yaasin and doa to read during labour pain..(hopefully I will be able to read the doa etc..)if not its for zulffi to help me recite it along the time of labour...and not to forget air selusuh mama crikan...only Zaffran's bag havent been ready yet..forgot duh...had to put a pair of clothes for night and daytime usage plus extra bottle and milk and of cos case he had to stay for a while at Ummi's house...poor boy...he must be waiting why his ibu or abah havent picked him yet if he had to stay till night (this is of cos if I goes into labour at day time..huhu)..

all of the baby things have been washed, folded by Inche abah and stored in a big basket ready for use with all of the pillow, bed, diapers, etc....just waiting for the little baby to come out and meet the MZR famly...and my thingy to use for pantang like barut, bengkung etc all had been washed,except had to find some socks to use...owh i hate just makes my feet itchy....I forgot to call and book the bidan..hmmm..which bidan still not sure...huhuh...and still had to go and find those Gamogen, and ubat bsalin to eat and use afterwards..duh...thought i had finished all of the list to find..

going tru the 2nd time of pregnancy makes me a bit worried and of cos nervous as I had know whats going to happen during the labour compared to the 1st time which im clueless...goshh...scaredddd.... 
but Im more preapared I guess in some ways to go tru that hence all the prep for delivery and afterwards...couldnt wait for this back and hip pain to go away..even how many times i went for a massage, it just doesnt resolved as the baby is pushing and sitting of my pelvic area that cos me the pain...

plus Z going outstation for 2weeks next week and left me with Zaffran at home...he had been coaxing me to stay at mama's house but me and my stubborn head, NOT A FAT CHANCE...i prefer to stay at my house with the lil boy as my guard and Allah as my just that, with the uncomfortableness during this last few weeks, and zaffran's attitude, I would just want the comfort of my home n bed to nest in after a hard day at least at my home, I can control zaffran's space and activities rather than at mama's house...I already warn my neighbour who is a paeds nurse, a midwives, an anaest wife in case of anythg I will call them for there's two OBGYN at both side of my house..InsyAllah I will be in a good hand with Allah's watching over me...and hopefully Allah will let this baby come out after his abah come home and after we had move to the new house...that is end on dec InsyAllah...aminnnnn anxious to move into the new house before delivery to have a better and spacious house instead of this cluttered house fill with boxes and couldnt find my things as most have been packed..sigh....wish the contractor could make the work goes faster..just waiting for the wiring, electricity and water to come in...i would turn a blind eye if they wouldnt have time to clear the outside of the house just as long as i can get moving into the new house...sigh....

this worrying and thinking and anxiety luckily and hopefully does not makes my BP goes up..huhuh...and hopefully no contraction...

currently, just finished n sent my 2010 LPP....and had to think of next year project...not really anxious in work related my bos suddenly decided to change my portfolio, moving me from paeds to OBGYN and outpt bye bye paeds...sob sob sob BUT yeay for me in some ways!!! its  not that heavy for me as I just had to stay at the clinic which currently is my office and wait for the pt to come in...i dont have to walk far  to see pt in paeds ward anymore (with my heavy body and tummy..hahaha) but a change at the end of my pregnancy date just makes me more anxious and just hate it when had to adapt for a new routine and time adjustment when Im anxiously waiting for my due date....sigh....just wanted to follow my old routine and just wait for the time to come...

so currently, only plan my activities in my calender till end of Dec....lots of things to wait and do for next mnth...afraid to plan for Jan activities..just see me n MZR n bby at BERTAM...yaeyyyyy...

(if pnjng umur aku...insYAllah)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

email that makes my day as a dietitian

today received an email from a parent of one of my Gene patient....
she's a Yaman girl, her father came to USM to further his study and was referred to me for diet counselling.. a tough case as the Gene specialist is a tough cookie also..huhu

anyway,a bond was built between her parents and me as I had to see then freq'ly....and the pt is soooo cute...really loves her sweet smile...but since past year I havent seen or heard from them after her parents went back to yaman to do Haj last yr..and suddenly today got an email from her mum..sending pix of my lil sweet pt....

it just touched my heart as she still remembers me n kept me updated of her girl eventhough I have not been treating her for a while...and the phrases " thanks for helping us during our hard times" just makes me sooo touched bcause I have been only doing my job and the help I gave was not that much....

PS; these lil token of appreciation from parents once a while that makes me feels my job is such a great job and thanks to Allah for giving me such opportunities to help others in need....

happy anniversary sayang....

He, the man that stole my heart 6 years ago....
He, the man that take me as the queen of his heart 4 years ago...
He, the man that I married and promised to cherish the vows till the end of my life with...
He, the man that is a good husband, a great 'abah' to our son....
He, the man that I hope will bring me to Jannah just by being his wife and with  his blessings....

happy anniversary ke 4 Abang....a lot of up n down we have been tru together, a son that is healthy and well, a baby gurl hopefully on the way, a new house to be lived in soon, a new year to create new memories with the 4 of us  insyAllah....tq for taking me as ur queen 4 years ago...

Love u, and promised myself to be a better wife in the days nad years ahead...

Monday, November 8, 2010

Dosa gugur apabila suami isteri bersalam

Dosa gugur apabila suami, isteri bersalam RASULULLAH saw bersabda, yang bermaksud: "Seorang isteri yang bermuka muram di hadapan suaminya, maka ia dalam kemurkaan Allah hingga ia dapat membuat suasana yang riang gembira kepada suaminya dan memohon kerelaannya." 

Begitulah besarnya harga senyuman seorang isteri kepada suaminya kerana senyuman akan mencetuskan suasana kegembiraan yang sebenarnya dikehendaki suami ketika pulang dalam keletihan. 

Muka yang masam bukan saja akan menimbulkan kemarahan suami, malahan 
menyebabkan Allah turut murka dan kemurkaan Allah itu berkekalan hingga
isteri berjaya mengembalikan suasana gembira serta memohon keampunan 
daripada suami. 

Sesungguhnya keredaan Allah terletak pada keredaan suami. Justeru, apabila 
suami pulang segeralah bukakan pintu, persilakan masuk dengan penuh hormat 
dan ciumlah tangan suami sebagai tanda hormat serta meminta maaf,walaupun 
isteri merasakan tidak berbuat sebarang kesalahan pada hari itu. 

Sebuah hadis ada menyebut bahawa apabila seorang suami bersalaman dengan 
isterinya, maka gugurlah segala dosa dari celah-celah jari mereka berdua. 

Andai mempunyai anak-anak, ajarlah mereka itu untuk selalu bersalaman dengan 
ayahnya kerana kelaziman akan memupuk rasa kasih dan hormat anak-anak kepada 
orang tua. 

Kebahagiaan rumahtangga terletak pada akhlak dan budi pekerti isteri. 
Biarpun seorang isteri itu tidak cantik tapi jika cukup sempurna layanannya 
terhadap suami dan berakhlak pula, tentu ia akan menjadi penghibur dalam

Oleh itu wahai isteri, hendaklah berlumba-lumba untuk menjadi seorang isteri 
yang solehah, yang bertakwa, berakhlak mulia dan taat kepada suami. 

Rasulullah bersabda, yang bermaksud: "Sungguh-sungguh memintakan ampun untuk 
seorang isteri yang berbakti kepada suaminya, iaitu burung- burung di udara, 
ikan-ikan di air dan malaikat di langit selama dia sentiasa dalam kerelaan 

Jika seorang isteri mengharap cintanya berbalas, maka banyakkan mencari
keredhaan Allah melalui keredhaan suami. 
= Sucikanlah 4 hal dengan 4 perkara : 

"Wajahmu dengan linangan air mata keinsafan, Lidahmu basah dengan berzikir 
kepada Penciptamu, Hatimu takut dan gementar kepada kehebatan Rabbmu, dan 
dosa-dosa yang silam disulami dengan taubat kepada Dzat yang memiliki mu."

Sunday, November 7, 2010


found this book in think its gonna be a great book to be added into our library to teach my son the importance of bfeeding since he is  a small boy, and hopefully will not make him jealous when i started bfeed his younger sib coming Jan..hihihi...its about Jenna’s experience with her new baby brother as she discovers the importance of breastfeeding.

cant wait to get it for my boy...hihih

another good reason for me to cont BFeed the 2nd child

having the little one kicking and moving around in my tummy just makes me anxious to wait for the arrival of the lil one this coming Jan....and having read the article below, makes me anxious and motivated to keep bfeed this lil one also like his big bro at least till 2years May Allah helps me toward this coming journey again as a bfeed mum after stopping for about 5months since July this yr when Zaffran turns TWO and started on FM....aminn

  1. Similac recalled about 5 million cans of powdered infant formula because of the possible presence of beetle larva.

The FDA said that this type of beetle could cause stomach problems and make infants lose their appetite.
The makers of Similac, Abbott Laboratories, has set up a phone hotline and directed consumers to a website for more information.  But a lot of parents have experienced problems getting information.
From the Similac website:
Abbott is recalling these products following an internal quality review, which detected the remote possibility of the presence of a small common beetle in the product produced in one production area in a single manufacturing facility. The United States Food and Drug Adminstration (FDA) has determined that while the formula containing these beetles poses no immediate health risk, there is a possibility that infants who consume formula containing the beetles or their larvae, could experience symptoms of gastrointestinal discomfort and refusal to eat as a result of small insect parts irritating the GI tract. If these symptoms persist for more than a few days, a physician should be consulted.
2. New research from the University of Pittsburgh is showing that breastfeeding for at least a month cuts a mom’s risk of developing Type 2 diabetes later in life.  Here’s the link to the study in the American Journal of Medicine.  And now a blurb from a Reuters article:

Previous research demonstrated health benefits to moms who breastfed as long as six months or a year. The Pennsylvania results suggest that even a month of breastfeeding can have positive, lasting effects.
“What we found that was somewhat surprising was the pretty dramatic benefits for moms who breastfed as short as a month after the birth of their child,” the lead author, Dr. Eleanor Schwarz of the University of Pittsburgh, told Reuters Health.
In type 2 diabetes, the most common form of the disease, either the body does not produce enough insulin or the cells ignore the insulin that the body needs to turn food into energy. An estimated 10 percent of American women have it.

Good reasons to just bfeed rite? 

Janji Allah pd ibu2 yang aku sllu lupa...

kadangkala ada dtg masa2nya di saat dan ketika dtg satu perasaan yang malas taktahu nak ckp, nak buat apa2 pun...hatta memasak....kdg2 rs tak puas hati bila kita yang tgh sarat ni balik keje nak kena masak, layan anak, bg anak tido bla bla bla...bila hari mgu kita bnyak ms utk jaga anak dan suami plak dok layan tenet ke, tgk movie ke, main game ke...mmg rs tak puas hati gile la..bila mana, kita ni nak tgok tv ke, nak baca buku ke dok kena berebut dgn anak, tak pun kena layan dia main atau pun kena stunt dgn anak yang kuat dok melatih skil2 memanjat, meloncatnya...hahahah..

n kdgkala dtg rs tak puas hati tu..kenapa akuuuuuuuuuuuu jeee yang nak kena buat semua...pdhal ank tu anak dia juga(suami leee...)bukan suami tak tlg..banyak ditolong...but tapi bila syaitan laknatullah tu dok mghasut, haish...mmg mcm tak boleh pk rasional dah kan...tapi  hidayah Allah dtg dlm mcm2 cara nak ingtkan kita kenapa Allah bg bg semua tu pd kita,seorang istri dan ibu yang sedang sarat mengandung, baru mcm tersedar...kenapa Allah bg semua tu pd kita.....buat aku malu sndri sb merungut kdg2 n tak bsyukur dgn apa yang Allah dah bg dpt suami yang ckup baik dan rajin membantu...huhuh

sekadar nak berkongsi kisah yang terjumpa di dalam satu mel yang dihantr dlm user mel usm bru2 ni...

moga jd peringatan buat aku dan juga ibu2 yang lain.....

pesanan Baginda SAW terhadap puterinya Fatimah, tatkala Fatimah menemuinya sambil menangis akibat kepenatan menggiling tepung dan membuat kerja2 rumah..
“Kalau Allah menghendaki wahai Fatimah, pasti batu penggiling itu akan berputar sendiri untukmu. Tetapi Allah menghendaki untuk mencatat kebaikan-kebaikan untuk dirimu dan menghapus keburukan-keburukanmu serta mengangkat darjatmu.
Hai Fatimah, setiap isteri yang membuatkan tepung untuk suami dan anak-anaknya, maka Allah mencatat baginya memperoleh kebajikan dari setiap biji yang tergiling, dan menghapus keburukannya serta meninggikan darjatnya.
Hai Fatimah, setiap isteri yang berkeringat di sisi alat penggilingnya kerana membuatkan bahan makanan untuk suaminya, maka Allah memisahkan antara dirinya dan neraka sejauh tujuh hasta.
Hai Fatimah, setiap isteri yang meminyaki rambut anak-anaknya dan menyisirkan rambut mereka dan mencucikan baju mereka, maka Allah mencatatkan untuknya memperoleh pahala seperti pahalaorang yang memberi makan seribu orang yang sedang kelaparan, dan seperti pahala orang yang memberi pakaian seribu orang yang tidak berpakaian.
Hai Fatimah, setiap isteri yang tidak menjaga tetangganya, maka Allah kelak akan mencegahnya (tidak memberi kesempatan baginya) untuk minum air dari telaga Kautsar pada hari kiamat.
Fatimah, tetapi yang lebih utama dari itu ialah keredhaan suami terhadap isterinya. Sekiranya suamimu tidak meredhaimu, tentu maka aku tidak akan mendoakan dirimu.
Hai Fatimah, bahawa redha suami itu menjadi sebahagian dari redha Allah, dan kebencian suami merupakan sebahagian dari kebencian Allah.
Hai Fatimah, manakala seorang isteri mengandung, maka para malaikat memohon ampun untuknya, dan setiap hari dirinya dicatat memperoleh seribu kebajikan dan seribu keburukannya dihapukans. Apabila sampai rasa sakit bersalin, maka Allah mencatatkan untuknya memperoleh pahala seperti pahala orang-orang yang berjihad di jalan Allah. Apabila telah melahirkan bayi,dirinya terbebas dari segala dosa seperti keadaannya setelah dilahirkan ibunya.
Hai Fatimah, setiap isteri yang melayani suaminya dengan niat yang benar, maka dirinya terbebas dari dosa-dosanya seperti pada hari dirinya dilahirkan ibunya. Ia tidak keluar dari dunia (yakni mati) kecuali tanpa membawa dosa. Ia menjumpai kuburnya sebagai pertamanan surga. Allah memberinya pahala seperti seribu orang yang berhaji dan berumrah, dan seribu malaikat memohonkan keampunan untuknya hingga kiamat.
Setiap isteri yang melayani suaminya sepanjang hari dan malam hari disertai hati yang baik, ikhlas dan niat yang benar, maka Allah mengampuni dosanya. Pada hari kiamat kelak dirinya diberi pakaian berwarna hijau, dan dicatatkan untuknya pada setiap rambut yang ada ditubuhnya dengan seribu kebajikan, dan Allah memberi pahala kepadanya sebanyak seratus pahala orang yang mengerjakan haji dan umrah.
Hai Fatimah, setiap isteri yang tersenyum manis di muka suaminya, maka Allah memperhatikannya dengan penuh rahmat.
Hai Fatimah, setiap isteri yang menyediakan diri untuk tidur bersama suaminya dengan sepenuh hati, maka ada seruan yang ditujukan kepadanya dari langit, “Hai Wanita, maka hadapkanlah dengan membawa amalmu. Sesungguhnya Allah telah mengampuni dosa-dosamu yang berlalu dan yang akan datang”
Hai Fatimah, setiap isteri yang menyapu minyak rambut suaminya dan juga menghiaskan janggut, kumis dan memotong kuku-kukunya, maka Allah kelak memberi minum kepadanya dari rahiqim makhtum dan dari sungai yang ada di syurga. Bahkan Allah kelak akan meringankan beban sakaratul maut. Kelak dirinya akan menjumpai kuburnya bagaikan taman surga. Allah mencatatkan dirinya terbebas dari neraka dan mudah untuk melalui titian sirot”

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Good Night and Sweet Dreams Contest

owh sudah lama tidak masuk apa2 contest di blog...sgguh tak smpt lately utk bloghopping..but this one contest looks so cute and kebetulan ada gmbr zaffran tido yg sgt kiut..soo kita try our luck la sapa2 nak join sila cek pd blog mummyayu...

si Comel Muhammad Zaffran Rizqi ni berumur 2 tahun 3 bulan...
tiap malam kalau nak tido msti kena baca buku dulu smbil ulit-ulit...baru terlelap..tapi malam tu, abahnye dah mengantuk sgt, dan Zaffran pun suruh tido taknak tido lagi...last2 abahnye terlelap dahulu dan bangun2 tgok Zaffran dah tertido di hujung katil.sambil berdiri plak tu....siannnnn...hihihi...smangat nak membaca smpi terlena...bagus btul anak ibu...