Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bangga menjadi warga Sasic

arini buka paper smlm yang bru nak baca...ternampak stu news...dan dngan bangganyer nak mengwar2kan yang skolah ku itu termasuk dlm kategori 20 sekolah SBT itu....hihihihi

bangga tak bangga menjdi warga sasic..wpun sekolah ku itu dulu buruk sekali ttapi tarbiyahnye mantap sekali..guru2nya adalah bombastic dah mantap........mmg ptut tersenarai antara sekolah top....wpun dulu aku benci gile skolah tuh, tapi skrg aku sayannnngggg bangat sama itu sekolah..

thumbs UP!!

sdikit news yang berkaitan. :

Hari ini, Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin yang juga Menteri Pelajaran Malaysia mengumumkan senarai 20 Sekolah Berprestasi Tinggi (SBT) yang bertujuan untuk mengangkat kualiti sekolah-sekolah terbaik ke taraf dunia.

Daripada 20 buah sekolah tersebut, 10 buah adalah sekolah berasrama penuh, empat sekolah harian biasa dan enam sekolah kebangsaan.

Berikut adalah senarai penuh SBT 2010:
  • Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan (SMK) (P) Sri Aman, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
  • Sekolah Tun Fatimah, Johor Bahru, Johor.
  • Sekolah Dato’ Abdul Razak, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.
  • Kolej Melayu Kuala Kangsar, Perak.
  • Sekolah Seri Puteri, Cyberjaya, Selangor.
  • SMK Aminuddin Baki, Kuala Lumpur.
  • Sekolah Menengah Sultan Abdul Halim, Jitra, Kedah.
  • Kolej Tunku Kurshiah, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.
  • Kolej Islam Sultan Alam Shah, Klang.
  • SMK Sultanah Asma, Alor Setar, Kedah.
  • SMK (P) St. George, Pulau Pinang.
  • Sekolah Menengah Sains (SMS) Tuanku Syed Putra, Perlis.
  • Sekolah Sultan Alam Shah, Putrajaya.
  • SMS Muzaffar Syah, Melaka.
  • Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) Seri Bintang Utara, Kuala Lumpur.
  • SK Zainab (2), Kota Bharu, Kelantan.
  • SK Taman Tun Dr. Ismail 1, Kuala Lumpur.
  • SK Convent Kota, Taiping, Perak.
  • SK Bukit Damansara, Kuala Lumpur.
  • SK Bandar Baru Uda 2, Johor Bahru, Johor.

Mengikut Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, sekolah yang memenuhi kriteria SBT diberikan kuasa autonomi tambahan untuk mewujudkan inovasi pentadbiran sekolah dan meningkatkan keberhasilan murid.
Pelajar juga boleh menamatkan persekolahan lebih awal setahun melalui kaedah lompat kelas.
PS: bestnye kalo dlu boleh lompat kls...hahaha

tanda Allah cinta

sekadar tazkirah di pgi hari

Nabi Musa a.s. berkata:
"Ya Rabbi, bagaimana saya akan mengetahui orang yang Kamu cintai daripada orang yang kamu benci (murka)?"

Jawab Allah S.W.T.: "
Hai Musa, jika Aku cinta pada hambaKu, maka Aku beri padanya dua tanda.
Maka Musa berkata:
"Apakah dua tanda itu?"

Jawab Allah:
"Aku ringankan ia berzikir kepadaKu supaya Aku berzikir kepadanya di alam malakut langit dan bumi, dan Aku perlihara
dari yang haram dan murkaKu supaya tidak terkena murka dan siksaKu".
"Hai Musa, dan sebaliknya jika Aku benci pada seorang hamba, Aku beri dua tanda. Aku lupakan dari zikirKu dan Aku biarkan ia dengan hawa nafsunya supaya terjerumus dalam haram dan murkaKu, sehingga layak menerima siksa dan balasanKu".

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cp again...

chatting with a doc at ward today when suddenly I told her bout cloth pad..she was soo interested...started to explain things bout Cp when another doctor nearby who was eavesdropping to our conversation started to lean closer n paying more attention to our discussion..she also is intesrested to know more bout CP..had to bring samples to them tomorrow...hihihi

so now got another 2 people interested in Cp..yeay for GREEN EARTH!! GO greenn...

I'm a CP freak - more bout CP

I was browsing thru today when I found that Mamapatch Cloth pad is sold even in Lelong..hehehe...I never really thought about it bfore this..hihihi...
n I found bout this Mamapatch CP again tru Hanz, heheh..tq hanz, from there I browse tru the net...and they also have liners n regular to night time pad which cos around RM8-9 for liners, and RM 16-17 for regular pad and Rm 22 for night time pad..the regular pad is waterproof that prevents leakage which is good for a heavy flower like meeee...hahaha.. the price is a bit higher or pricier from babysnowdrop Cpad but the quality is yet to be said for..maybe next month I will update on mamapatch or saffa CP...had to try it first....

to answer some of the questions from my frens, this cloth pad is reusable for countless of time..I dont know how long since I only using it this month..heheh..had to ask Hanz bout this though...
It can be used around 5-6 hours but I would definitely advice to change every 4 hours or less than 6 hours bcause Bacteria likeeeeesss warm n wet things sooo much..n also bcause our standard procedure in ward if we are giving a pump feeding to pt in ICU ward for instan
ce, where the pump runs for 24 hours feeding, the milk had to be put in every 4 hourly or the hang time is supposed to be less than 6-8 hours max bcause we want to reduce the risk for contamination from bacteria n so on... well, if kita pakai possies pun kita tkar 4 jam skli kan..hihih

to clean n wash it is easy actually...

if u are using it to the office or on campus or out, u just have to have a wetbag to put the soiled pad in n washed it at home if u feels that its inconvenience to wash it at the public loo.but for me,hehehe, Im a clean freak, I had to wash it thoroughly then put it in the wetbag n washed it again at home to remove the stain.. I have found one in NICE CLOTH DIAPER that only cost RM10. mamapatch also have one but it cost round RM 25 I think...m saffa also has a wetbag for rm15 I think the cheaper one will do considering just to put the soiled pad..heheh...If u have any waterproof beg then need to buy one...
washing the Cp is easy for me I guess.. just like u washed ur stained cloth... either u soaked it for a while or rub some salt or vinegar to remove the stain.But first u have to rinse ur pad until the water runs clear..just like ur possies ( if u are the type that wash it till it runs clear..=) )
I am not sure bout the usage of soap, some brand says its ok, but some advice against better checkwith the manufacturer though bfore u use it...But One thing I know, u can not scrub it with brush as it may damage the fabric....

U can tossed it in the machine in a laundry bag to be washed just like other cloth..simple...
n hang it to be dried on the line like normal cloth....hihihi... n do know that the sun actually helps fade the stain...I think..for me, all my pad is full of colors (red n PINK esp) so I didnt see whether they have stain or not..hahahah...

At first the cost may be huge if u want to use it 100% CP for the whole mense cycle( rabak poket wooo..hahaha)..but in a long run, it is cost saving...I wish I had bought it earlier though...sob sob sob... but its never is too late... just start with one or two, to see how it goes..then add ur stash from time to time.. just like, I only have 2 Overnight n 2 regular plus Im still using mnth hopefully Im 100% CP...yeayy!! GOOO QAY!!!

to my frens:

wan . try cari kat UK ada ke tak..if tak slh aku, aku ada tjumpa dlm web mana tah...ko try la kat sana.....then info aku...

Dayah : aku pun jd subjek HUda utk dia guna ms dlm pantang nnti..hehehe..aku rs hang pun ptut juga try....cpt brong ngan huda..hihihi...

Huda : tq sb intro aku to CP ...Im loving it....

Hanz : u have to try babysnowdrop then kongsi how do u feel compared to mamapatch n saffa...hihihi

Shila : u have to try...stkt i pakai takde la leakage mcm dispo..hihihi...boleh kitar semula...bnyak kali pki smpi lunyai kot..hahahah

enouff of Cp for today..till then ladies.... ( ade ke gens yang baca blog aku nih?hihihihi.. maaf la yer teng if ko baca.. :P)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Cloth Pad - my new addiction

I just started using the cloth pad this month..I have been aiming for months but due to the reseach that I usually like to do bfore trying things n other things that I honestly didnt know what that makes me only started using it this month..

I have been reading from Hanz bout the CP for a while..started from that, that I really look into it...and providing that my good fren Huda is selling the babysnowdrop Cpad, makes me tries it at first..she gave me one piece of Overnight CP that I tried.n the result is for is quite satisfactorily for me...

I find it to be dry, comfy n suprisingly no leaking!!usually with Possies, there is always leakage esp at night time..this time, I slept tru the night without feeling uncomfy or had to change or anythg... so for 6 stars Im giving it 5 stars..the one stars Im not giving is maybe dt the button that is not adjustable, that makes the clip on part is quite droopy or hanging that its sort of touch our skin..but all in all its quite ok...

next month Im gonna try the Saffa Cloth or mama patch that Hanz suggested in her blog..will update next month though...

WHY IM gonna try using all CP? is bcos 1st of the article I read ON - Sanitary pad : a silent threat

then, bcos I want to start going GREEN although other people had been doing this for a longggg time..but its never is too late though yaaaa...

this reawakening I had mostly after I finished the paperwork that I had to present last yr where I include all bout CP, CD n also brought samples of CP n CD to my VIVA of the paperwork which I believe is one of the reason that I passed my PTK exams last since then, Im actively promoting it to my frens, n Im trying to promote it to the other staffs Im working with..the item is easy to get..from HUDa laaaa..hehehe...

people are asking whether Im getting any comission on this..hahahha..NOPE....Im doing it just bcause I want others to get the benefits of CP n also to stop adding more waste to our earth n also just to help my other intention...honestlyyyy...

afterall, aren't we USM staff are soooo into the "for a sustainable tomorrow" concept? hihih

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ngah, Happy belated birthday

this is a post that has been intended to be written for a long time but Zaffran is not feeling well so, SOri ngah.....
Ngah is my 1st sister before Lang is....she was born on 16th January..I repeat 16 Jan not 6 Jan ya 'Ammar!!!

she's an english teacher at a primary school in Jb...she was meant to be an English teacher since she was small I think as she always correcting our grammar n vocab when we are at wrong..she lovesss books like most of my fam do...I still remmber, even when she was small, she would sneekily read books under the blanket using a torchlight after lights out..that's why she's using a specktacle since small till now..hahahah..(this is the pot calling the kettle black though =P)

she's a radical since she was small..she's tough n hard headed (or keras kepala) if she wants anytg, she will surely get it by hook or by crook, no matter what....she always says whatever in her head for she refused to be a hypocrite...

but underneath her toughness ( if there is ever a word like this..hahaha), she's very kind n generous, she's cool n fun to be around at times....she likes to bought things n gift to her sibs n nephew, she brought all this small token of love to her pupils to motivate them to learn more n be more 'rajin' like giving them sweets, oranges etc... she's also very popular with her pupils as she's the outgoing n cool teacher despite the ' garang' part n scolding them, they utterly devoted to her......lucky u....

the sister that used to hit me n fight with me n call me names when we were small is already an adult, n have a life of her own...but she will always be my little sister Tosnam or toaster that I used to call her when she was small... :P

Happy birthday Ngah ...pressies soooon to be posted....sorry....

Sometimes you drive me mad
Other times you make me glad

That I have a sister to tell my secrets too
What would I do without you?

Sometimes when I go insane
You’re always there to help ease the pain

Other times you’re always there
And I act like I don’t care

But deep down I do
Don’t let me fool you
I love you so

You don’t even know
How lost I’d be without my sister
Like a town after a twister

How could I go on
Without the morning dawn
I’ll love you till the end of time

Until the last chime
Of the bell
That’s when you’ll be able to tell

How my love for you
Still flies like a dove


tribute to My bestfren : Ateng, Happy Birthday...

(back in 2005 ke 2006?? hehehe)

Today Is Ateng's Happy Birthday teng...

Ateng was my bestfren when I was In UKM n still is now... He was a pharmacy stdnt n I was a dietetic studnt..we met the first time during our 2nd yr when both of us were in the Commitee for MSK (minggu suaikenal ) UKM. Our frenship blooms since then..

we run in the same crowd afterwards...THE MSK crowd including, Pejo, wan, ika, shahrul, sabri, dila....those days were the best time for me in UKM...I had good frens n good times with them...


I dont know what makes him once of my bestfren eva or a true fren for me I should say ( besides my hubby of cos ) except that he is one of the easiest people for me to talk about..I can talk to him about all sorts of things even the girly stuff like having this clash or fight with my girl frens or bout handbeg, shopping etc , and he wont mind .. :P .I cant gossips with him as he is also a gossiper..
I can be just me around him as he never judge me like some guys do..we both lURVEEE HARRY POTTERRRR of cos...including Wan!!heheh..

and the best thing I like about him is, he is a good listener..whenever I need him just to listen, he never fails me..he will just listen faithfully to my ramblings n never commented on anything or makes suggestion that makes me feels like an idiot or sided with the other person that I was railing against...he just listen till I finished than he will talked to me, calming me down...but most time I dont really need his calm words..him listening to my rambling is the med that makes me feel better n calm me down... the most comment he would say to me is, " Ko memang!!"
or " ko memang camtu..aku tahu dahh!!" which makes me smile cos I dont need a judge judging me but a fren who just listen n backup me....even when Im wrong...hahaha

I remember once, when I had a fall out with my girlfrens, sumtg happened between us back then, I came back from The Tasik Titiwangsa crying so hard n feels utterly lost n nobody to confide n turn to, he was there...I cried my heart out to him with all these wrenching sobs that tear my heart out as I was deeply hurt by what happened between me n my frens...but Ateng was there as always... he just listened n listened like he always do...until no more tears came out...afterwards, it didnt feel so bad...bcause He was there for me... as true fren do...

He is a good fren to me, before , present n will still be in the future....

N for that Ateng, Happy birthday again, N tq for frenship that u have given me in the last 8years of mylife...just know, eventhough I didnt call u n hang out with u like we used to as Im in a diff status now (hehehe) , U R always my bestfren....n the good thing bout this frenship is, Zulffi is TOTALLY COOL about it for he knows that all my frens that come bfore him, are also a fren of his..

this poem/plaque u gave me 7 years ago, still stands on my table as a reminder of our friendship Teng, so here to u, on your birthday.... Happy bday again...

PS : dah 28..bole la kawen tahun ni...ko kan kata nak kwen umo 28..hihihi

so here to u Teng :

best friends always remember so well
all the things the did together
all the subjects they discussed
all the mistakes they made
all the fun they had

Best friends always remeber
how their friendship
was such a stabilizing force
during the confusing times in their lives

Best friends may have different lifestyles
live in different places (like KB n KL)
and interact with different people
BUT no matter how much their lives may change
their friendship remains the same

I know that throughout my life
Wherever I am
I will always remember so well
and cherish our friendship
I ever had....

Friday, January 15, 2010


I stumble upon this 'ayat' in Al Kahfi this morning while waiting for the time to pray Subuh prayer.

Dan janganlah engkau berkata mengenai sesuatu (yang hendak dikerjakan): "Bahawa aku akan lakukan yang demikian itu, kemudian nanti".
Melainkan (hendaklah disertakan dengan berkata): "Insya Allah". Dan ingatlah serta sebutlah akan Tuhanmu jika engkau lupa dan katakanlah: "Mudah-mudahan Tuhanku memimpinku ke jalan pertunjuk yang lebih dekat dan lebih terang dari ini".

It just remind me of sumtg that we usually do n did daily..we planned ahead of us, we promised sumtg to ourself or upon others, but we forgot that whatever we promised or planned are not a 100% guarantee unless Allah makes it happen. Only by Allah's will, we will be able to achieve whatever we plan for.when we suddenly forgets or whatever we planned turn out wrong, we forgot that Allah knows best..he knows better than us...and maybe Its our fault bcause we forgot to rmember Him in our daily plan that things did not turn out well..thats why He said in His Quran,
Dan ingatlah serta sebutlah akan Tuhanmu jika engkau lupa dan katakanlah: "Mudah-mudahan Tuhanku memimpinku ke jalan pertunjuk yang lebih dekat dan lebih terang dari ini".
mudah2an apa yang dirancang mndpt keberkatan dr Allah...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

tag dr dayah dan contest dr sitisifir10

wahaha...sbnrnya tag ni dah lm dayah aku yg sdkit kesuntukan ms dgn pt yg ramai di wad bak cndwan tmbuh dan juga studnt yg dok mengekor aku pg ptg buat 2 mggu nih, buat aku takdan nk jwb tag ni...ampunnnn dayahhhh...

tp sb mngu ni or sbnrnyer ari ni dah sdkit free n stdnt pun dah ikut org len. bole la aku jwb tag ni d smping nk menang sunglass itu...n mn la tau bole buat sepeck bru dgn diskaun 60% ituh sb sepeck bru aku itu sdh disenget benget oleh engineer sorg ituh..hohoho..opps luper... cik sitisifir10 kita buat cntest gune tag aku ni smbil jala ikan dpt la udg skli..hahaha...

mari kita jwn tag..

1. Sejak bila anda mula berkaca mata ?

hohoho..sjak umo 11 thun...huhuhu sadisss...

2. Bagaimana anda tahu yang anda memerlukan kacamata ketika itu?

sb mata rabun la...n lg pun ummi ku sepeck nyer tbal bangattt...abu ku juga pki genetik la.. tp yg ingt ms tu astig tggi.... (wpun bljar apa itu astig, tp smpi laaa tk phm2 lgi...haha cik sitisifir tlg trg boleh??hihih)

3. Berapa ‘power’ pada permulaan anda berkaca mata (anggaran)? ingt la..dlm 100 kot...

4. Jenis/bentuk kaca mata anda yang pertama?

ms tuh frame besi bru kuar..kira mcm hot abu soh amik sepeck frame plastik sb dia kt thn sikit..tkde la terpatah ke apa..bntuk ms tuh bolatt amik la juga frame berapa nk pki sb rs sepeck tu mcm oldskoolll..x comel..haha..pdn muka aku..lps tu power trus naik n mt lg tk nmpk..huhhu

5. Jenis/bentuk kaca mata anda yang terkini?

skrg pki full frame, kaler pink n ungu...2 maaa... bntuk segi 4 tepat yg tak berapa nk tepat..ada bujur gak bucunyer..hihih..
ltk gmbr je leh tk nk trgkan??hihih

6. Berapa power terkini anda (anggaran)?

tah..6-700 tnyer plak...

7. Berapa banyak koleksi kaca mata yang anda ada dari dulu hingga kini (anggaran)? slh dlm 7 kot sepnjng umor 11 thun...

8. Jika anda ada sentiment tidak suka berkaca mata, sila nyatakan sebab musababnya.

tk suke pki sepeck, sb bwh mt sllu jd hitam mcm tk cukup tido..pki lense ok jerk..pstu xsuka sb klo tk pki sepeck tk nmpk...blurr ja.pastu at the same time org ckp rs mcm tk brapa dgr..ada kaitan kerr???hihihih..n tk best sb sepeck kn smpn elok2 tkle cmpk2 nnti ank kepak...hihihi

9. Yang mana anda lebih gemar. Kaca mata atau contact lens? Kenapa ?

lense arrr..bole pki sunglass cun2 tnpa perlu buat sunglass yg mhl sb kn ada power skli, n tk perlu tkr2 sunglass ke speck biasa bila msuk dlm rmh..hihihih.bole buker je gntg kt bju..mcm koolll gituh...pastu bleh pki lense kaler2...konon lahir mta hijau la..haha

sbnrnya penah pakai lense but sepesel one pnya la..toric lense ke apa...sbnya bila baca buku, 2muka surat tindih jd tak tuh rs free sgguhhhh sb takde speck..but kn sgtttt hati2 n careful sb tkut rosak n koyak..hihihi.. yg tu yg mls tuhhh

10. Optometrist pilihan anda?

syifa' opto dkt dr mula pki speck, buat dgn pakcik Kamal..n opto nye pun dah knal lama..kami satu kluarga mmg buat kt situ..dr maktuk, tukwan, pakcik anak beranak, kami anak beranak smpikan jiran2 dkt rmh maktok pun p buat dkt dia..taktahu la brapa kturunan tah...
sbnya..muuurahhhhhhhhhh n Pakcik Kamal sllu kasi tu kdi dia rmi org mai..wpun hrga nya mcm takle ditrima akal murahnya, tp kualiti bgus giler..n layanan bgus giler..mcm kdi pak aku la plak...hahaha..

lgpun kdi dia semua rekod aku dr sjak azali ada sna..sngg...pnah g buat kat luar tp bkn dgn uwaisy opto la..hihihi...dgn hrga frame ku yang ada clip on, n lense yang tebal nak buat multicoated lgi, n high index bla bla bla...kena 600..uhuksss..tsedak ku...sggup tu balik kdh nak buat speck semata....hihihi

tp buat dkt uwaiys Opto dpt harga murah kot kak Pijah?wink wink..hihihi

11. Pasangan anda berkaca mata ?

yerp..Inche Zulffi pki sbb silau dia pnya speck siap kalis peluru lagi..ada ke??hihihih

12. Apa pandangan anda pada kanak2 yang memakai kaca mata?

comellllllllll bangattt..mcm harry potter sian..kcik2 lg dah kena pki speck..tmbhn yang tebal bangat lense kalah org tua yang dah tkar kanta mata tuh...huhuh harap2 Pran pran tak pyh la pki speck..ikut la gen abah ye sayang..jgn ikut gen ibu..huhuhu...

so korang if nak speck murah dgn 60% diskaun n sunglass free, sila la melawat blog cik sitisifir10 a.k.a Kak Pijah,..hihihi

sng je..jawab la segala2 soklan2 kat atas tuh dkt entry uolsss...n Tag another kwn seberapa rmi pun takpe... then letakkan permalink kat UWAIYS OPTOMETRIST sng je

opsss lupe Tag

ku Tag :

  1. Ummi
  2. Lang
  3. Raihan
  4. Abang
  5. teh
  6. Syaja
  7. Dura
  8. Normie
  9. Bangcik Syamil
  10. shilarif (pki ke tidak speck ye awak) ihihi...
slmt menjwb n try menang contest inihhh...

smiling to my ears....heart soaring...

Maklumat Peperiksaan :

















Tq Allah...tq ummi abu for the support..Tq Sayang helping me to take care of Zaffran while I practiced n prep my slides...Tq my sibs..Tq my frens for the help n supports...

N congrats also to Cik Azi, El, Hajra...its sweeter when it came in packages n the joy is shared...

enough said.. =)

Monday, January 11, 2010

my soothing tune

Rimbun Keampunan
Album : Pelita Hidup III
Munsyid : Hijjaz

Ku mengintai ketenangan di antara kekalutan
Kerana keinginan tidak pernah kesampaian
Ku kutip sisa-sisa dari segala keruntuhan
Bangkit semula meneruskan baki perjalanan

Ku menghimpun kekuatan ku memohon ketabahan
Meredah gelombang hidup dan dugaan mencabar
Ku anggap kegagalan bukan suatu kekalahan
Tapi suatu kejayaan yang masih tertunda

Ku meminta diberikan sejenak kesempatan
Untuk ku ulangi kembali langkah pertama
Keperitan yang ku rasa mengajar erti kesabaran
Menyedarkan ku insan memerlukan Mu Oh Tuhan

Di rimbun keampunan ku mencari keredhaan
Melerai segala kusut dan kecamuk dihati

Ku cari kejernihan di segenap ruang maya
Masih ku sedar ku sedang diperhatikan Mu Oh Tuhan

hearing this particular nasyid always makes me a bit calm when i am sad n in turmoil....luckily i heard it today on ikim n sumhow it calms me down....

who am I to question them?

smlm bersembang dgn a fren of mine..she's the middle an elder sister, a brother and also younger brother n sisters...she talked aboutthe middle child syndrome, about childhood rivalry..what she went tru...

for me, I never had that middle child syndrome as Im the eldest... but the childhood rivalry, occasionally yes for instance when I saw where my parents send me to school instead of where I want to be, the things my sis had the opportunity to do or that I didnt had bcause of my parents objection or coaxing into another area..for instance, Once I really wanted to do TESL for my degree, but my dad advice me to do sumtg more that he know I can achieved bcause he knows his daughter more than i know myself n at the same time he didnt actually pushed but sort of coaxing me along the way by implanting the ideas in me from time to time..I knew that sumhow in Matriculation, that I would be going to UKMKL as my parents had been saying, "if kakak dok kat UKM KL, kakak bole sllu jguk maktuk" (my mum's mum who stayed in Kg Baru).. so the choices that I made mostly is the courses thats in UKMKL eg Pharmacy, Dietetics..although Diet was my last Allah know better, He put me there to be near my grandma but sadly she passed away before I had the chance to be close to her as I always sum may know, we lives in Alor Staq (but now in Bertam), so we had always been close to my paternal family rather than my mum's I always had bear in mind when Im in KL, I would have the opportunity to actually see my Maktok more often n be closer to her like the other grandchildren as I always sort of feels like, out of place with the famly there when we goes back to KL compared to my paternal fam...but sadly, I didnt have the opportunity...Its OK course I know Allah knows best...but the point is, whatever decisions I made, its always are bcause partly I want it bcause I want it for myself n also my parents approval, N their Redha Allah is when we have our parents keredhaan or blessings...n its bcause I know they know best for me...n Im happy with the decisions that I have made along the way like going to maahad, then Kisas then mtrix n UKM...

then along the way, once a while when I saw what my sibs get easily when once I had to strive to get those things or go the longer way to achieve or the way that I want it but I didnt get but my sibs does get it makes me sumhow feels I dont know..sumhow a bit sad that I didnt have that opportunity easily as they had but not actually feeling jealous or anytg..just sad n hurt n once a while the deep feelings that I supressed deep inside came out n makes me soo sad...I know and I didnt judge my parents at all as I know they always try to give the best for us n always try to give the best for all..the difference in situations, n times n conditions makes it difference in evrytg there is...

when I talked to my fren, she said "Its hard for a parent to actually satisfy all their childrens want and wont...but they only are two people that's trying to do n think whats best for another 7 persons in their life...they only did what they think is best n hope for the a child U should ask yourself, whether u have actually satisfy or " senangkan hati " ur parents instead of thinking why n why the reasons Allah makes all those things happened..after all, they only planned whats best but, He is the one that actually implanted the whole things n make it u should not blame the reasons why cos He knows better..."

yeah..she's right... a true fren in deed that gaves me reflections of the things that I know but refused to actually see...sumtimes its the hurt n sadness that diminish all the logical things that I truly really know ...deep inside, I know who am I to questions all the decisions made as I am only a child n they are the parent who knows whats best.......and always tries to give the best to always....

but have I give them the best????

my 1st article ever...

yesterday, saja menjenguk page
1Superkids membaca artikel2 yang ditampalkan...heheh..suddnly terperasan one article of mine yang saja2 suka2 hntr about weaning diet..sgt suka sb dgn harapan ilmu2 yang aku ada dpt digunakan dan dikongsi bersama buat pnduan mommies lain..

kwn2 aku sllu ckp suruh aku tulis artikel n ummi juga pnah soh hntr artikel ke majalah..tapi ntah kenapa tak tertulis2 wpun bnayk sbnrnya idea yang nak dikongsikan bersama..esp bout diet anak2...kdg2 tgok mjlah2 mamibaby yang ada dietitian yang merupakan anak didik aku dulu, kwn2 yang mmberi artikel atau soal jwb diet, nmpk mudah je..hihi

takpela..pelan2..InsyAllah...ada rezki aku menulis..hahaha...

so guys, check out 1superkids utk artikel2 yang hebat...just click dkt banner di tepi sidebar...

Sunday, January 10, 2010


kecewa dtg bertalu2 hari ni...
ku ingatkan hari baru, mggu baru akan ada sinarnya..
bukan sekali tetapi tiga kali,
yang dibayangkan, diharapkan, ditunggukan...
berakhir dengan kekecewaan...

5tahun menanti...sehingga terbawa dalam mimpi...
berakhir dengan sebuah lagi penantian yang tak berkesudahan...
sampai bila aku nak menunggu...hmppp....

namun aku adalah aku..
trus menanti dan menunggu sehingga tiba perkhabaran itu kembali...
ntahkan bila...ntahkan di mana...

yang pastinya...aku keciwaaa...lagiii..

Cutest Baby of the Planet 2009 - MomBloggersPlanet

Muhammad Zaffran Rizqi, usianya pejam celik pejam celik sudah mencapai 1 tahun 6 bulan. lahirnya pd hari Jumaat 4 Julai 2008 di HUSM..

Dialah yang pertama menghuni rahimku, cinta kedua selepas Zulffi, yang ketiga hadir dalam keluarga baru kami selepas aku dan suami...ssguhnya dialah permata hati kami..

This is my post for the Cutest Baby of the Planet 2009 that is organized by MomBloggersPlanet.

They are searching for 6 more babies for the contest.. all the babies that has been selected are soooo cuteeee makes me just want to pinch n kiss their cheek...hihih..

anyway, if u guys haven't join the contest, hurry up as today is the last day of as usual, always the one who likes to submit on the last day...huhu...

the prizes as always are sooo, Y wait..hurry up...

u can actually just checked the details by checking the details below:

SOOOOO, Nominate your baby NOW!!

Just follow the steps below and you could grab one of the wonderful prizes.

  1. Get the best photo of your baby – ONE picture only!
  2. Insert the photo on TOP of your entry. Mention his/her name and date of birth.
  3. Write about this contest with title Cutest Baby of the Planet 2009
  4. Include a link to this nomination page in your entry (Link to this nomination page in entry and banner:

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and dont forget to add the banner above on your side bar n link it back to the page

so all the best to all of u guys...

Monday, January 4, 2010


When you were born into this world
Your mom and dad saw a dream fulfilled
Dream come true
The answer to their prayers

You were to them a special child
Gave 'em joy every time you smiled
Each time you cried
They're at your side to care

Child, you don't know
You'll never know how far they'd go
To give you all their love can give
To see you through and God it's true
They'd die for you, if they must, to see you here

How many seasons came and went
So many years have now been spent
For time ran fast
And now at last you're strong

Now what has gotten over you
You seem to hate your parents too
Do speak out your mind
Why do you find them wrong

Child you don't know
You'll never know how far they'd go
To give you all their love can give
To see you through and God it's true
They'd die for you, if they must, to see you near

And now your path has gone astray
Child you ain't sure what to do or say
You're so alone
No friends are on your side

And child you now break down in tears
Let them drive away your fears
Where must you go
Their arms stay open wide

Child you don't know
You'll never know how far they'd go
To give you all their love can give
To see you through
And God it's true
They'd die for you, if they must, to see you here

Child you don't know
You'll never know how far they'd go
To give you all their love can give
To see you through and God it's true
They'd die for you, if they must, to see you here

taubat seorang hamba..

Riwayat Imam Al-Bukhari...

Diberitakan dari Syimak:

Pada suatu hari Nu'man bin Basyir menyampaikan khutbah bahawa Nabi Muhammad S.A.W. bersabda:"Sesungguhnya Allah sangat gembira menerima taubat hambaNya, tatkala dia bertaubat, melebihi daripada kegembiraan seorang yang berkenderaan di tengah-tengah padang pasir kemudian haiwan yang ditunggangi itu lari meninggalkannya. Sedangkan di atas haiwan tunggangan tersebut ada terdapat makanan dan minuman bekalannya.

"Dia berputus asa untuk menemui kembali haiwan dan bekalannya itu. Lalu dia duduk berteduh di bawah sepohon pokok sambil berbaring, kerana dia benar-benar putus asa untuk bertemu kembali haiwan itu. Kemudian dia tertidur. Sejurus dia terbangun daripada tidurnya, dia mencari lagi untanya dengan berjalan kaki. Namun dia tidak menjumpainya. Dia berjalan lagi, namun gagal menemuinya. Dia terus mencarinya buat kali ketiganya, namun masih tetap gagal. "Namun sahaja apabila dia sampai kembali di tempat dia tertidur sebelum itu, tatkala dia asyik termenung, tanpa di duganya, tiba-tiba unta tunggangannya yang hilang itu muncul kembali, lengkap dengan bekalan yang dibawanya. Kemudian dia segera memegang tali tambatannya. Dan sesungguhnya, Allah S.W.T. jauh lebih gembira dengan taubat seseorang hamba berbanding kegembiraan si musafir itu yang menemui kembali untanya di padang pasir yang kontang dan tandus itu".