Thursday, April 24, 2008

30 weeks....10 more to go...

This is day number 210 and you're 30 weeks pregnant!You have 70 days or 10 weeks left, and are 75.0% of the way there.Baby's age since conception is 196 days or 28 weeks. You are due on 7/2/2008

Fetal Development
Your baby now weighs around 3 pounds and is about 17 inches from head to toe. An ultrasound image may show your baby yawning or even sucking its thumb, and you may also notice that your baby does not move at all during your Braxton Hicks contractions. This is because your muscles tighten and constrict his or her movement. By now your baby is probably more used to Braxton Hicks than you are.

Nice Things To Do for the Mom-to-Be
Your partner is working hard! She's growing a new life within her and paying the price in weight gain, swollen extremities, upset stomach, and fatigue.

Give her a foot massage and rub her back- zulffi always do this for me..hehehe
Cook her favorite meal - hmmm..tlg msk kira mskkan la..
Take her out to her favorite place to eat - yep..definitely...
Throw her a baby shower -
buat kndri solat hajat kira ke?
Take her to a movie or rent her favorites and bring them home -
takde wayang la kat KB..huhuhu
Take the kids out for a couple of hours so she can just relax -
anak kucing adala..hahaha
Help her out around the house so she doesn't have much to do -
yep..sblm ada baby lagi..sbb tu sayangggg sgt dia...
Take her away for the weekend or on vacation before the baby arrives (you might not be able to do this again for awhile) -
planning to..but when ya....

alll in allll i soooooo in luv with my husband for all he did n does for me all this while we have been married...muahhhh...luv u sayang!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

28 weeks and still going strong..

This is day number 202 and you're 28 weeks pregnant!You have 78 days or 11 weeks left, and are 72.1% of the way there.Baby's age since conception is 188 days or 26 weeks. You are due on 7/2/2008.

Your baby weighs approximately 2.4 pounds and is about 10 inches from crown to rump, or a little under 16 inches from head to toe. He or she has been gaining weight steadily during the past 27 weeks as its stem cells develop into organs, blood and immune systems, and bones. However, from this point forward, your baby's weight gain will be due to increasing amounts of body fat. A quick way to predict your baby's birth weight is to average your partner’s and your birth weights.

Most of what your baby does from now on concerns maturing in preparation for life outside of his watery world. Blood vessels are maturing in your baby’s lungs so that when he is born he is ready to take his first breath. Up to the minute he is born the placenta will provide him with the oxygen he needs, but after that he has to learn to use his lungs on his own. If you could see your baby this week you would see him go through a series of expressions including grimacing, frowning and what looks like a smile. Babies don’t learn to smile until they are around six weeks but often prior to six weeks their mouths curl in a certain way that makes them look like they are smiling.

Your stomach is probably feeling a bit squashed this week, so switch to eating small meals regularly rather than a big roast dinner, especially late at night so as not to keep your stomach digesting as you go to bed.


yesterday I woke up early in the morning when suddenly I had this painful leg cramp on my rite leg.It was so painful that I shouted for Zulffi to help me ease the pain. He was downstairs and he ran up to me. He then slowly massage the leg until the cramp thankful that I had him with me..He was grinning at me..he thought I was going into labour as I was shouting for him quite loud..hehehe..well I thought he wouldnt hear me...hehehe..but the pain in the leg kept throbbing till today.. maybe I need to take more milk than the one Im taking now or more Calsium supplement besides the multivit n spirulina Im taking now..huhuhu

Yesterday was my ANC current wt is 61kg.hmmmm..still rising but not that much..thank God...I had to have the Anti Tetanus Toxoid shot to prevent from "Kancing gigi"?

I was unable to lift up my left arms high n unable to sleep on my left side as usual...we had our scan yeterday..the baby is healthy n moving a lot..the heart beat is strong and the growth is all together is Alhamdulillah...we was unable to see the baby's sex..just to determine whether its a boy or girl but...its ok...maybe he was watever it is, we accept it with our open heart n luv...

past few weeks, I had been cutting down my sugar intake as I usually had this cravings to take sweet stuff most of the time..I was afraid of GDM or my wt increasing tooo Im taking it slow...although I still crave for sweet stuff, I only try to take sum everyday..n more plain water. I can't take much foods nowadays..I would be fulled easily and started to have this shortness of breath esp during after now I try to reduce my rice portion to maybe 1 1/2 scoop per meal, esp it makes me feels like throwing up or regurge when I had my Mgrib prayer esp when I 'Sujud"..the foods feels like coming out again...I cant have long sujud esp after dinner.. even if I read Quran after mgrb, it will make me gasping for breath to reach the Harakat of the my baby is growing bigger n bigger, so is my stomach...

now I can't even wear sum of my baju kurung as it proves to be tighter esp in the waist...thank God I had make sum new ones esp for prgnancy n bought sum pants n blouses..heheh...

Lately it was soooooo HOT...with my current hypermetabolic system n rising hormones makes me sweat easily...the weather is so hot lately and it doesnt help with my condition...usually I had to take 5 times bath from evening til in the evening, one before and after Mgrb, one before and after Isyak...and sumtimes one before bedtime....hehehe..Thank God the water supply at home is free..heheh..

all that is happening to me is a new me n zulffi...I never know that it takes so much to be prgnnt...I usually feels like freaking out when I look in the mirror n see my body growing n enhancing here n there...hmm..would I get my shape again???hmmmm...well, i vow to myself Im going to Yoga class after delivery...we'll see whether Im going or not..hahahahah..

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

shopping for mummy n baby

last week when I went back to Penang, I went to see Miza's, Huda's baby...I went to see Huda's baby with Zulffi...he said he was quite excited afterwards esp when the baby opened her eyes,n look at him..he just couldnt wait for our baby to come soon....afterwards we went to Kamdar as I want to find sum maternity pants n blouse as I REALLY, REALLY need it..after browsing arround well, got a afew pants n blouse..I dont really fancy buying maternity's not like I dont want to, but it just does not interest me..I think prgnnt lady wearing a gown looks fat n huge n they seems to be waddling more..n the material of the gown sumtimes is so thin n i dont really fancy seeing me in that least when I am wearing blouse n pant or baju kurung I dont look so huge..haha...I Think....

afterwards we went shopping for baby's clothes..well we bought some clothes but other things we decide to buy in need to buy in Penang when the price is the same or more expensive than in KB...but what Im trying to say is, both of us was sooooooo excited choosing the clothes n tying to find the style that suite both of us interest..I prefer colourful clothes, with cartoons or patterns.but Zulffi like plain one, or white we decide on both...the pants is colourful, but the top is white with sum small cartoons...and when I packed the clothes into my bag, n still now when I saw the clothes it just makes me feel that I cant wait to hold my bby in my is zulffi....I just cant believe it Im gonna be a mummy in few more weeks....huhuhuh...

last week I went to Billion n I already find this mosquito net n one travelling bag for the baby which has POOH n its in BLUE....!!!!!!!!!!..hahahaha....Im buying that one later on.....thank God I went to Billion...I only want most of the things in blue or have POOH..hahaha..POOH fanatics...heheh..hmmm...bila nak g shopping lagi eh.....this weeknd???hmmppphhhh

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

week 27: my active baby

This is day number 195 and you're 27 weeks pregnant!You have 85 days or 12 weeks left, and are 69.6% of the way there.Baby's age since conception is 181 days or 25 weeks. You are due on 7/2/2008.

Fetal Development
Your baby weighs approximately 2 pounds and measures about 9.6 inches from crown to rump. His or her facial features are almost fully developed and synchronizing enough that he or she may make faces that are visible on an ultrasound. Your baby’s skin is becoming thicker and fleshier and increasingly wrinkled, thanks to the amniotic fluid. The skin will remain wrinkled for the first month or so after birth – just think about how your hands or feet look after you have been in the water for just 30 minutes! During this week, the brain continues its rapid growth, and the lungs continue to develop.

I find sumtg about my baby the past few weeks..usually my baby is very or nite..sumtimes I can only feel he moves in the morning only or at nite..but when, I went back to Mama's house or to penang like last week, he was quite passive..I cant feel him kicking or moving that i was unable to let Harith feels the baby moving inside of me...I do wonder it because I was so exhausted most of the days n did not have enuf rest or he's shy??heheheh... N my bby tend to listen to what was told to example, sumtimes the bby keep on kicking so much that makes me feels uncomfortable n sort of "geli"...zulffi would talk to him n asked him to go to sleep or slow down as mummy is tired or sumtg...then u would feel him just stop kicking or moving so much..sumtimes Zulffi says salam to him in the morning when he havent wake up yet from his sleep, then suddenly I can feel the baby kicking n moving like telling me he is awake n ready to face the world...maybe the baby does listen to the words I said/told him..hehehe..or as Hajra maybe the baby dont like to be told what to do..merajuk sng kata..hehehe..mgkin kot..yesterday when the baby was kicking n moving so much, I called EL so she can feel the baby..she was excited n she said to the baby, to be a gud boy n dont kick mummy...the baby suddenly slow down the move..n when Hajra wants to feel the baby, she cant feel anytg as he had stopped moving..heheh..poor Hjra..nextime ya....

the completed list...

I went back to Penang last Friday with a list of things that I have been craving for months...things that I cannot have in Kb but really really want to eat...this was supposed to be the last time Im going back to Penang until I deliver the baby in what ever cravings or things that i want I have to have it hook or by crook.heheh..previously in Jan when I went back home only sum of the list was crosschecked, but this time, all the things in those list with sum new ones, were crosschecked..Mission ACCOMPLISHED...HAHAH. and I thank my darling hubby n mummy for fulfilling my outrageous craving...I dont care about the wt that I am about to gain long as I can eat what I've been cravings for months...if not, sure tringat2 balik Kb nnti..hehehe...tq sayang....n ummi....


Laksa Din, Teluk Kechai - sampai dua hari aku mkn laksa ni..mmg puas hati la...sdap shgga rs nak hirup smpi abis...huhu..berbaloi sekilo rm10..hahaha..lps ni aku takkan tmmpi2 lagi...
Char Kuey Teow - boleh tahan sdap..but sdap lagi abg yg biasa msk tuh..but ok la utk lps gian..hahaha
Choc Cake Moist - ni Aunty Jal yg blikan n jamu ms g mkan steamboat kat umah dia...bru tringat2 nak bli kek..heheh..Maha Penyayang Allah ni, ilhamkan pd Aunty Jel utk blikan kek jamu aku..May Allah bless her

Pulut santan dengan buah mempelam manis... - uihhh..sdap sguuuhhhh..dah lama aku tringin..bknnya payah nak buat but air tgn ummi juga yg sdap...mjilat jari aku...

Pulut Sekaya Ummi- uish..yg ni lg best...wpun kat Kb pun ada, but yg ummi buat juga aku nak..heheh

mee rebus umi - sayangggg ummi..sbut skli ja..tgok2 ptg tuh dah buat..msih trsa ksdapan dan klmbutan dgg dlm kuah mee rebus tuh..ish...terliur plak aku..ahahah

Steamboat - sayannggg Anty Jel...pnat2 buatkan steamboat utk aku...smpi 4 pnggan aku mkn kira berbaloi la kan Anty Jel..hehehe..sbnrnya dah lama tringat2 steamboat Anty Jel ni yg dia buat Raya cina thun lps...sdapppp...

Cendul di Boomtown Kpla Btas - huih...puas hati dpt mkn cendul ni..mmg best la...lpas gian aku..hahaha

Putu Mayam - hmmm..merata aku cari putu mayam ni..kat klntn sah2 takdak..balik Aloq staq pun tak jmpa..kdi tak buka..frust2..p pasar Tani pun takdak juga..last2 ms hntr aris blik sekolah tjmpa la juga kat Pasar tani kat situ..ok la utk puas kan hati..wpun tak sebest di aloq staq, puas hati la juga..hehehe

MMg gile aku mkn balik penang ni..but sumanya bkn mkn shari but in 5days time..kira ok la kan...kalo tak blik sini takde ummi nak pampered n tlg mskkan....hnya ada zulffi nak tlg crikan apa nak mkn...for that I am thnkful for given such wonderful parents n zulffi to fulfill my every whim..heheheh..muahhhssss