Tuesday, November 11, 2008

sabar je la ngan dentist aku ni..

I am quite annoyed n irritated wif my dentist rite now..I have been wearing my braces almost 4yrs now..before this I was in UKM, having treatment wif my Dr Nora, then when I moved to HUSM, I requested for a trnsfer to HUSM...

its much better as I dont have to flyout to KL evry month n I can just take the time out to go to KPPG..today was the so called appointment..the apmnt before was cancelled a few times as the dentist had to go to PTK exam, student exam bla bla bla...so I was practically waiting n excited for the apmnt today as all my teeth had close the space up... I was hoping the apmnt today, my braces can be removed...as my gingivitis from my prgnancy was not resolving but becoming worse...but she was not there today..she had to go sumwhere n the junior dentist was there replacing her..what can she do...she's a junior only...she saw maybe about 2minutes n said nothing was to be changed..just cont the same treatment..andddddd my pissed me off was the next apmnt is at the end of January...almost 3 whole months...urghhhh..I am really irritated n annoyed rite now...its the cancelation of the apmnt n moving it ahead that makes me mad...how long do I have to wait...its almost 4yrs now..I am sure that the next apmnt will be moved ahead again..huhuhu..

I am totally bored n fedup wif my braces rite now..sumhow,I just wished I ahdnt bother to wear it in the 1st place.....


  1. Kak qay, remember me??? Shakira akak kiera (jr nutrition, ukm).
    talking about dentist, i had a very bad experience with them.. i hate dentist.gov.. they arent sincere in doing their job!

    p/s: better to meet UKM practical student rather than profesional dentist!

  2. hmm
    kalau dentist yg private,kejap je..seriyes..try pi consult private doktor,kut2 dia boleh bukak..bayar la sikit 2,3 ratus kut..huhuh

  3. mmg pun....lmbt jer....tp ms kt ukm dulu bttr g dgn stdnt sb diorg kn ikut step by step rules..if g klnik gigi gov, skit jiwa ja...menciiii laaa