Thursday, November 13, 2008

kdi mamak yang hampes

today me, EL n Hajra was supposed to go out to lunch to a kinda special place...Hjra is going to Spore nxt week for a week attachment at both of us gonna miss her a lot for a n EL had been waiting for her since 1230 as she's gone on ward rounds wif Prof Mus..we were quite hungry...but till one she still havent come down yet..we waited till 130 pm...after she came down at 130, we went out to hv our lunch...all of us were verrrrrrrrrrrrrry HUNGRYYYYYYY and cannot make decisions where to go...Me n Hjra wanted to eat Mcd but EL wanted to eat nasi we went to this one Mamak Restaurant nar Billion that sells quite good Nasi briani but quite expensive n the staff is quite hmpes or rude...but as all of us were very hungry n cannot make any decision so we just ate there....

even when we had just sat down, all of us had been grumbling about the staff 's attitude...they were being quite rude..talking a lot of unneccesary thgs n making comments that made us feels irritated...

I asked for mee grg mamak but the cook asked if its ok that he cook mee grg ayam wif smbal ayam...HELLOOOOO.. i asked 4 mee grg mamak la....nak msk yg lain watper....hishhh

when the fd arrived, all of us was eating hungrily when suddenly I saw a piece of wire in the was quite long...I was quite pissed off wif can a wire get into the I make a complaint to them...they served me another mee wif less portion n items in that me...grrrrrrrr....

Hjra said to remind her next time not to go there anymore even how desperate we are for good the fd was, DONT GO THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!...EVERRRRRRRRRR!!!!!...

I said if we go there again, I will kick their A** off...but Hajra said, she will kick her a** for herself...hahahah.... =)


  1. kena ban aa kedai ni..bahaya bahaya..ade risiko kena darah tinggi gak ni..hahahha

  2. mmg pun nak kena tak mo mkn dah dia mai hntaq gak,,so tpksa la mkn gak..huhuhu

  3. mak aihhh..ada wire tuhh..kita mmg dah banned mamak dari dulu lagi..xtau la..x suka..klau desperate sgt pon beli ayaq jaa..