Tuesday, November 11, 2008

new post new site

this is the 1st new post as a mum at a new blog page..but actually not so new..I have been writing at this page since the arrival of my baby in the womb..sort of a secret diary..hehehe..and Im so used to write in Frenster blog but lately, sumbody has been tracking my blog..sumbody that I dont wish to have then read whatever it is...I know this blog is accesible to but maybe Its much better than the previous one..I dont know...hmm hope its better...

everybody is out to bank...Im alone at the office..havent EBM yet..in a little while I guess..hmmm.we got our monthly meetg today...BOOOORRRIIIINGGGG... had to hear the bos yack yack n yack..huhuhu...yesterday already got almost 2hrs of lecture...huhu..I almost nod off during the speech in his office..but what to do..just listen n continue to nod..hahahah..very obedient of me...

Im practically salivating for a McD or Burger King burger rite now..dont know why but..feels like eating..huhuu

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