Wednesday, January 20, 2010

tribute to My bestfren : Ateng, Happy Birthday...

(back in 2005 ke 2006?? hehehe)

Today Is Ateng's Happy Birthday teng...

Ateng was my bestfren when I was In UKM n still is now... He was a pharmacy stdnt n I was a dietetic studnt..we met the first time during our 2nd yr when both of us were in the Commitee for MSK (minggu suaikenal ) UKM. Our frenship blooms since then..

we run in the same crowd afterwards...THE MSK crowd including, Pejo, wan, ika, shahrul, sabri, dila....those days were the best time for me in UKM...I had good frens n good times with them...


I dont know what makes him once of my bestfren eva or a true fren for me I should say ( besides my hubby of cos ) except that he is one of the easiest people for me to talk about..I can talk to him about all sorts of things even the girly stuff like having this clash or fight with my girl frens or bout handbeg, shopping etc , and he wont mind .. :P .I cant gossips with him as he is also a gossiper..
I can be just me around him as he never judge me like some guys do..we both lURVEEE HARRY POTTERRRR of cos...including Wan!!heheh..

and the best thing I like about him is, he is a good listener..whenever I need him just to listen, he never fails me..he will just listen faithfully to my ramblings n never commented on anything or makes suggestion that makes me feels like an idiot or sided with the other person that I was railing against...he just listen till I finished than he will talked to me, calming me down...but most time I dont really need his calm words..him listening to my rambling is the med that makes me feel better n calm me down... the most comment he would say to me is, " Ko memang!!"
or " ko memang camtu..aku tahu dahh!!" which makes me smile cos I dont need a judge judging me but a fren who just listen n backup me....even when Im wrong...hahaha

I remember once, when I had a fall out with my girlfrens, sumtg happened between us back then, I came back from The Tasik Titiwangsa crying so hard n feels utterly lost n nobody to confide n turn to, he was there...I cried my heart out to him with all these wrenching sobs that tear my heart out as I was deeply hurt by what happened between me n my frens...but Ateng was there as always... he just listened n listened like he always do...until no more tears came out...afterwards, it didnt feel so bad...bcause He was there for me... as true fren do...

He is a good fren to me, before , present n will still be in the future....

N for that Ateng, Happy birthday again, N tq for frenship that u have given me in the last 8years of mylife...just know, eventhough I didnt call u n hang out with u like we used to as Im in a diff status now (hehehe) , U R always my bestfren....n the good thing bout this frenship is, Zulffi is TOTALLY COOL about it for he knows that all my frens that come bfore him, are also a fren of his..

this poem/plaque u gave me 7 years ago, still stands on my table as a reminder of our friendship Teng, so here to u, on your birthday.... Happy bday again...

PS : dah 28..bole la kawen tahun ni...ko kan kata nak kwen umo 28..hihihi

so here to u Teng :

best friends always remember so well
all the things the did together
all the subjects they discussed
all the mistakes they made
all the fun they had

Best friends always remeber
how their friendship
was such a stabilizing force
during the confusing times in their lives

Best friends may have different lifestyles
live in different places (like KB n KL)
and interact with different people
BUT no matter how much their lives may change
their friendship remains the same

I know that throughout my life
Wherever I am
I will always remember so well
and cherish our friendship
I ever had....


  1. terharu aku baca... btw, thank you very much... sonot kawan ngan org banyak membebel cam ko... hahahaha....

  2. mmg aku bnykkkk mulut..ssi kwn dgn ko