Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ngah, Happy belated birthday

this is a post that has been intended to be written for a long time but Zaffran is not feeling well so, SOri ngah.....
Ngah is my 1st sister before Lang is....she was born on 16th January..I repeat 16 Jan not 6 Jan ya 'Ammar!!!

she's an english teacher at a primary school in Jb...she was meant to be an English teacher since she was small I think as she always correcting our grammar n vocab when we are at wrong..she lovesss books like most of my fam do...I still remmber, even when she was small, she would sneekily read books under the blanket using a torchlight after lights out..that's why she's using a specktacle since small till now..hahahah..(this is the pot calling the kettle black though =P)

she's a radical since she was small..she's tough n hard headed (or keras kepala) if she wants anytg, she will surely get it by hook or by crook, no matter what....she always says whatever in her head for she refused to be a hypocrite...

but underneath her toughness ( if there is ever a word like this..hahaha), she's very kind n generous, she's cool n fun to be around at times....she likes to bought things n gift to her sibs n nephew, she brought all this small token of love to her pupils to motivate them to learn more n be more 'rajin' like giving them sweets, oranges etc... she's also very popular with her pupils as she's the outgoing n cool teacher despite the ' garang' part n scolding them, they utterly devoted to her......lucky u....

the sister that used to hit me n fight with me n call me names when we were small is already an adult, n have a life of her own...but she will always be my little sister Tosnam or toaster that I used to call her when she was small... :P

Happy birthday Ngah ...pressies soooon to be posted....sorry....

Sometimes you drive me mad
Other times you make me glad

That I have a sister to tell my secrets too
What would I do without you?

Sometimes when I go insane
You’re always there to help ease the pain

Other times you’re always there
And I act like I don’t care

But deep down I do
Don’t let me fool you
I love you so

You don’t even know
How lost I’d be without my sister
Like a town after a twister

How could I go on
Without the morning dawn
I’ll love you till the end of time

Until the last chime
Of the bell
That’s when you’ll be able to tell

How my love for you
Still flies like a dove


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