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I have been to the Supportive Care in Cancer the past 2 was held in Riverview Hotel KB by Usm..I am handling the paeds Oncology ward that is all Ca(cancer), malignancy, whatsoever…
It just so sad for me to see all those little kids n babies that has such a life threatening diseases n had to go tru all those procedures…the Radiotheraphy, the Chemotheraphy, the blood taking, Bone marrow assessment, and so many others...the 1st time I heard them cry n scream with pain each time the dctrs take blood just would make my blood curdle and that's when I learned to detach myself from the screaming, the crying n shouting of the kids n just learn to tune out cos it just make you wanted to cry n sob each time you heard that esp since I myself become a mother ...the decent kids just saying things like .."sakit sakit..tok see ' or just "cheee cheee" as in tokse for no in Kelantanese...but some was even cursing the would be amazed by what those little kids, aged 3,4 years sometimes can said n god only knows where did they learn such words.....

the seminars was for doctors, nurses, dietitian, and other caregivers in the medical community who are involve with the oncology patients...its mostly about the support care that we can give to the patients before the treatment, during n after the treatment either they're going tru radiotheraphy or chemo or surgery to make their life better...this seminar gives me opportunity to actually 'muhasabah" myself of what have I done to make their quality of life btter as a dietitian for the patients...

during the course a lot was said , but what I wanted to share with you is that the statistic shows that breast cancer is one of the dominant cancer that happened either to women or men...the pixs that they showed is just mind boggling n scared me to the core..

n one speaker that really actually said things that stuck to my mind....Prof Hasanah was a breast cancer survival herself..she's a psychiatrist in USM n has been involved with the cancer survival program in Kelntan n USM. She said,usually when a woman notice a lump in their breast, mostly they just ignore it or just shoved it to the back of their mind n refused to acknowledge it..either its because of their ignorance or they are scared. Scared of so many things...scared to see a dctr n get the diagnosis of the lump, scared that it maybe a cancerous cell, scared of the treatment, scred that they may lose their breast n be less feminine, scared that their husband may left them for another woman, scared that their husbnd may take another wife, scared of the illness that may left them paralyze, unable to work, to take care of the family, the kids, scared of many things..and those things make them see the doctors until it was too late, until the Cncer has reached stage 3, stage 4 n worse is metastases that is the cancer is already spreading to other organs or bones..its scary..yes I know its scary if u just imagine it..but when If u have seen the pictures of the CTscan where you can see the tumor cells are everywhere in the body, it just feel so devastating...I feel like just going to bed n curl myself to comfort myself to try vanish all those devastating pixs..if these women have come earlier before when its just a lump, when it can be treated eralier, maybe it wouldnt be that chronic..

So its really is important to do a check up evry now and then, n if u see a lump, dont hesitate to see the may be nothing or it may be sumtg but you wont regret it if u find the cure earlier n treat it before it get worse...and the main things what we as a sister, a wife, a mother, a fren or even a husband or a brother, a dad , can do is, SUPPORT THEM!Support their decisions to see a doctor, support them emotionally when they are diagnosed with cancer, support them when they make decisions to treat them during the treatment..yes I know it maybe tiring n overwhelming for u sometimes, but ur support means a lot to the patients.It helps them to survive, to fight to go tru all the hardship... If its needed, u may try to find n get help from a psychiatrist..its doesnt mean seeing a spychiatrist ur a cuckoo, a nutcase or has some crazy suicidal thoughts, but it may help to get a profesional to help you...

and the stats also showed that many patient came late for treatment bcause they tried to find other treatment first as in herbal, bomoh, ubat kampung, gingko, ginseng, and sooo many others that sometimes make them waste a lot of money n the crucial time which they should be spending treating the cancer...n to makes it worse is there are sooooo many products in the market by this direct selling n not so direct selling that said it can cure cancer, some even say it can vanish the cancerous cell from the body which is a total nonsense for me....these people sumehow pounce among the patients n convince them to try this n that, and as patient who has been diagnosed with a cancer, they would try n believe anything just to make it go away... I am not saying all this product is not good, if its taken earlier as a prvention for cancer, maybe...but to cure cancer?I would say its me sceptical or anything but me as a medical staff, I believe in medical treatment...

For eg, Im sure some of u have heard that colustrum is good for health, can cure cancer etc...and a lot of patients really belief that n take that...although they feel fine, but when the Dr make a scan it may show that the cancer cell has been multiplying rapidly instead of reducing...shocked?yes its true..u may not find it in the medical journal or sumtg, but it is among the true stories told by the oncologist.

explaination??ok here a simple one. Colustrum as u know is the 1st milk that goes out from the mother either a human or a cow..and in this of course its the mother cow. the colustrum is high in growth hormon to help the baby cow grow.Do you know that baby cow can grow up to 37kg in 2-3 weeks time with drinking their mother's milk which contains tthe colostrum?and as the colostrum is high in growth hormones, it will help stimulating the growing of the cancerous cells in the body thus making it more rather than reducing it....scary huh?so beware of what u take...dont believe all what people or those sales rep said...find out first bout those things u want to buy or check with your doctors first or better with your oncologist as they are the experts in this kind of things rather than the mere medical officers. Not all doctors are expert in alllll the field you me,for eaxmple, I am not really an expert in the diet for renal pt for example as its not my field.I may know about the diet theraphy , but I hve to study a bit to get more details before couselling my patients. So talk to the expert 1st bfore making any decisions...

and always gets lot n lot of info regarding the disease, prevention, treatment options...u may not need it now, but it may benefit u in the long run and it may help u help a fren or another person later on..

u may do a frequent check up for early detection...u can get more info at If u are too lazy to read tru, just check it here MYSUPERKIDS.


AND has u been seeing the pix of pink ribbon troughout the month at the Hallmark channel n wonder why its there? its the PINK MONTHS la in the Breast Cancer Awareness month...that's why la...


I have join it.. HAVE YOU?????


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