Wednesday, September 9, 2009

zaffran suka tiru ibu

zaffran nowadays seems to imitate me in his daily life.. for instance, the other day, I was sweeping the stairs, then next day, I heard him calling "" so I went up and looked, he was at the 3rd steps from top sweeping the stairs with the big sweeper taller than him..My GOD!!!

and then , he keep taking my car keys after we reached home and i let him play with the steering wheels for a while, he tries to put the keys at the ignition...huhu..and keys into the door knob, when the key does not fit, he tried anther key...clever boy...

he dabs his mouth with his bip like I taught him after eating, even i just taught him once..he put his hands up when he heard zikir or quran's recital like baca doa, he tried to sujud when i hmpar sejadah, he wanted to brush teeth like me when i brush my teeth, he comb his hair with my mny things he's doing now..

the other day, i was tking his clothes off to tke him to bath, he had some sniffles (hingus) from his nose, so i just wipe with his pants that i just took off.Then the other night at my MIL house, he took his pants that he wore in the evening n blow his nose there!NOT AT HIS SHIRT BUT EXACTLY AT HIS PANTS!again, MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! I Was so maluuuu bcos my Mil said " sapo ajar seh hingus kat sluar nih..?"huhu..ibunyer la....hmpes....

once i saw him laying down on the couch, on the exact spot i usually lay down, n he was holding the astro remote n pinpoint to the tv ..huhu...aku sgguh terkesima..

by looking at my child act, it reflects wht he saw in me..from what i read, a toddler does pick up words that he hear from his parentsn families,.that is why we are not adviceable to speak baby talk with him or just a word to tell the whole meaning like "mummy work". by speaking a whole sentence u actually widens your child vocab and make him digest it faster. when u talk baby talk with him, he had to reprocess his speech skills when he goes outs in the world and learn that others do not speak the same lang like him..

as a toddler, age 1-2 he's usually observe n immitate his parents but as he grows older, he will begin to imitate the behaviors of people other than their parents like their nanny, uncles, neighbours.. according to Dr Spock, "in preschool or elementary school he may pay attention to the behavior of friends and older childdren -- at least in superficial matters such as manners, language and fashion. Other admired adults they may imitate include day-care providers, teachers or camp counselors. During the preteen and teen years children identify more strongly with the beliefs and behaviors of their peers. "

That is why in Islam, the 1st 7 years is for playing, the 2nd 7 years is for 'mendidik' n the next 7 years is to be frens with when the crucial time of teens of rebellion and confusion, he will turn to u as your are his frens and he will look up to you rather than his frens who are just confuse as him.

children also need repitition. if you want them to hafal all doA, u have to recite with them daily..if u just teach them once or twice, then they will forget it. if you want ur child to be a good muslim, u have to start practicing to be a good muslim so that he will immitate u. If u tell ur children to do something while u do them, then the children easily imitate what u do.but if tu tell them to do something while u do the opposite the children end up doing the opposite as well .They often imitate their parents rather than do what they say.that is the power of actions..well,action speaks louder than words.isnt it?huhu

make sure, u yourself are a good model so that ur child will turn out to be a good person too.and of course a good muslim.


  1. true enuff beb.....

  2. Qay,
    macam ana kalu ada budak dari kecik tgk violance macam ayah pukul mak contohnya?
    macam maana nak bantu budak tu untuk normal?
    ada tak peluang budak tu jadi baik?