Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Goats milk as substitute milk?

Since ms belajar lagi ms dietetik course, mmg ada dlm kuliah or nutrition books that mentioned goats milk are not suitable for infants esp below 12mnths old. tapi kenapa?

First of all usually due to its protein content which is 3.6 g of protein in 100ml of milk compared to human milk 1.0 g/100ml or infant formula 1.4 g / 100 ml. Higher protein content in the milk would increase the renal solute and of course can cause dehydration and thus increase the kidney burden of the childesp below 12mnths old. An increase in renal solute is dangerous to child even if parents are using cow's milk base formula milk.

we dietitian usually practice to concentrate the feeding of the child (if the child on FM) if the pt is not taking much feeding or having failure to thrive despite the frequent intake of milk. as most parents know or usual practice, 1 scoop of milk is per 1 oz or water or 1 scoop of milk per 2oz of water depends on the brand or type of milk they are using. But when the child is not taking enough calories usually, we ask the parents to put 3 scoop of milk in 2 oz of water thus making it more concentrated for instnace. Thus higher renal solute n higher calories intake..but we do monitor the pt's renal function to make sure the child is not dehydrated.But please mind this statement, do not try this without consultation from your dietitian as it may cause harm to ur kids.. some parents are reluctant to do so as they are afraid that it can cause constipation due to the low fluid intake but this is where u need a dietitian to calculate the amount allowed daily. and whether the new regime feeding is too concentrated or not...usually the maximum child can tolerate is around 1.0kcal/ml cencentration where usually 1 scoop milk in 1oz water is usuallu around only..its only abit more than half of the max concentration allowed..

Ok, back to our goat's milk. if we are to give the goats milk without burdening the renal, u have to actually dilute the milk by adding water to almost half strength of the dilution meaning around and this will make the calories of the feeding is much lesser and the child would not get enough energy...u can check more on this HERE on the calculation.

and then the deficiency of the folic acid have to be considered.The nowadays infant formula are modified to mimic the natural human milk so even though its using cow milk , its already modified with fortified iron,folic acid, etc that added into the formula to prevent folic acid and other deficency when actually cow's milk are also deficient in folic acid n iron.But human milk also after the 6xth month the iron and folic acid drop and are not enough for the child but that is when we start the child on weaning diet. so that should be ok I guess...

but the GOODNESS of goat's milk are also a lot.

First of all, it is said is beneficial for the treatment of asthma, eczema, migraines, stomach ulcers, liver complaints and chronic catarrh, helps babies with colic, habitual vomiting and those not gaining weight. Its also said to benefit the patient that is having cow's milk allergies or lactose intolerance. But please mind, that goat's milk does contain lactose but the amount is lower compared to cow's milk. And its said that goat's milk naturally contains nucleotides. Several studies suggest nucleotides can modulate the immune system and suppress response to food allergens. The type of protein of the goat's milk is easily absorb and digested making the risk for allergies to the milk less. Well, before this, I was sceptical when my patients was given goat's milk as they say it helps to cure liver problems. I thought its just the 'petua orang kg' but now I know better.huhuu..maluuu...

secondly , it contain this Middle chain trygliceride (MCT oil ) which usually used for treating malabsorption syndromes, intestinal disorders, coronary diseases, premature infant nutrition, cystic fibrosis, gallstone problems. We dietitian usually use this MCT OIl but which are collected from coconut and palm kernel oil to increase the calories of the patient. MCT oil are metabolically unique in that they can be absorbed by a simpler mechanism than other fatty acids. MCT which are higher in goat milk than cow milk, have a unique ability to provide energy to the human metabolism, as well as an ability to lower, inhibit and dissolve cholesterol deposits. And some formulas also added with MCT oil like Pedia*u** to enhance the absorption and increase the calories of the child intake . More bout MCT OIL HERE

3rdly, Goat milk is higher in the minerals calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, chlorine and manganese; but it is lower in sodium, iron, sulphur, zinc and molybdenum. as you all know, Calcium is needed for maintaining bone strength and density. In a process known as bone mineralization, calcium and phosphorus join to form calcium phosphate which is a major component of the mineral complex that gives structure and strength to bones.

there is a lot more of goats milk and you can read it, HERE, HERE or you can find the comparison between human milk, cow's milk and goat's milk HERE. Or you can just google it on the net.

what perk me up for this topic was, I heard about Hiraq's Goat's Milk and the testimonial said that it can help to cure exzema, athma etc and Zaffran and I have those, makes me try to find up the things about that.And I heard in IKIM on the way back from home a few weeks back, a story told by Raja Mazian .(lebih kurang la...) one sahabah asked The Holy Prophet Muhammad "what is the best sedeqah u can give to people?" He said " Dirham (as in money)" "If Not?" the sahabah asked. " Goat's milk" Rasulullah said.

That story just implied the importance of goat's milk as the 2nd best thing besides money that u can give to people.not clothes, not shoes but goats milk. and Rasulullah also has been taking it daily since he was small as his "ibu susuan" Halimatusaadiah had herds of goats which Rasulullah helps to take care of when he was young. As we all know, Rasulullah was breastfed by his Ibu susuan and from what I heard, afterwards he continued to take goat's milk daily. That is the HOLY PROPHET MUHAMMAD who is known to be the leader or all mankind. If the cow's milk is better, I think He must be taking it rather than goat's milk Isn't it?

hmmm.. a thought to ponder around guys...and I was thinking why with all the scientific evidence of the goodness of goat's milk still, dr dulu org tak try this n buat susu formula kambing and war2kan susu formula lembu is the best bla bla bla..kalo kata zaman dulu takde all those tekchnology tapi nak buat susu tepung dr susu lembu boleh plak??my fren and i discussed it the day before..she is a Friso rep and I am a dietitian..the discussion was very intersting and we concluded that may be its more of the Kaf alif fa ro propaganda tak mo kasi ikut sunnah nabi..huhu..boleh ka gitu???hahah..pikir pikirkan lah...

And Im planning to try this Hiraq's Goat's milk and see whether it can help me or not.. I was planning to try use AGEL As suggested by my fren Salwa, Imah but I would like to try this first..not because of denying the fact that AGEL is very good and it can help solve my probs, but more to try to ikut sunnah nabi OR the Pemakanan Sunnah term as mentioned by HIraq.. damnn...those ad really effect me that bad!!huhu....

and I found an ad in the Mami&baby mag of an formula from Goat's Milk called KARIHOME..u can check it out at the link for more details.but it only have follow up formula to adults milk. Not infant formula. so maybe it shows that Bfeeding is still the very best, then you may proceed to give goat's milk rather than cow's milk as in follow up formula afterwrds..

maybe in the future, some company would try to make infant formula from goats milk and of cos with top up calories to balance with the protein and all to make it a subs from infant form from cow's milk...hopefully...but apa2 pun bfeeding is still and will still be the VERY BEST!!!CHAIYOKKK!!!


  1. Qay,
    i pun ada suggest my fren amik karihome
    i pernah rasa karihome tu masa smartkids fair kat pwtc
    mmg tak bau mcm susu lembu
    sgt sedap/light je rasa dia

    bole try karihome tu
    yg hiraq tu i pun nak try la utk kauthar as substitute for EBM :)
    mana nak cari ye?
    please sms me ya
    nak beli utk raya nanti, balik kmpg senang nak bagi
    rasanya raya ni susah nak express ebm
    mesti bz beraya kesana kemari

    thanks for this wonderful article

  2. pasni i bela kambing la...tak yah beli formula dah...heehehe

    about goatsmilk..kalau susu original dia..pergh..tak selera nak minum. i pernah dulu di paksa minum...

    hmm, nnt check it out la FM kambing ni.

    eh susu karihome tu tin dia seakan susu karicare yg i bg miya minum. tp company dia sah la lain..

    i suka sabun susu kambing aje. mmg best buat cuci muka & mandi. tp high maintainance lak...

  3. i yg fresh tk lalu bli yg hiraq ni ok bau aper...mcm susu biasa je

  4. my niece oso consuming Karihome since she born till now oledi 3 yrs o lu~~~Karihome hv infant formula...but only small tin 400g.

    honestly, my sis in law said after consuming karihome she felt her daughter seldom sick n vy healthy....i think is a gd product for u to try...i'm now drinking Karihome whole goat milk is 4 adult, to improve my calcium.

    i mix wif coffe too...taste nice...