Sunday, August 16, 2009

Zaffran learning ABC..

Last week, Ibu got an ABC poster from made of plastic..when I opened it for Zaffran, he was very excited as it is very colorful and have pretty images and off course a big Train for the letter T..

see how attentive he was...

when I lay it on the floor, he quickly sat on it n refused to wear his pants...nampak pampers..hahaha..

then he started to 'ramas2' the pictures bcos of the textures and 'geram' of the pictures..hehehe..

he even lay down on the floor and started showing me this n that n making sounds like asking what is this, what is that...

"Ibu, this is A for Apple."

after a while, he started to get bored after I tried to teach him the letters....he started wrapping the plastic around him n then walk around the house using it like a cape....I wonder where he get that....

Now, he left it on the floor n ignore it totally...I want to watch Playhouse Disney Ibu..dont want to learn ABC anymore....hehehe

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