Friday, January 2, 2009

2years of joy n bliss

23rd Dis 08

today is or 2nd and zulffi..its been 2years since we been married..2years filled with happiness, joy, laughter and also tears at times..heheh..I am blessed to have Zulffi as my husband..he is caring,responsible, funny, loving and what the most important thg is, he loves me with all his heart...Having him in my life complete me, he's my other half, my soul, my partner, my bestfren...without him, I dont think I can live as happy as I am my heart is with him, as his is with me..being married to him this 2whole years makes me know him betterand loving him more n more..not having him with me even for a night makes me feel like my life is incomplete...I love you sayang..Happy Anniversary.....

today, Zulffi and I went for a date...I had been waiting anxiously since the past week since I make the date with him..its been a long time since the last time I felt this feeling..anticipating a date..heheh..early morning, I send Zaffran to the nursery..(sorry ya Zaffran.ibu nak g dating ngan abah!!lenkali ibu bawa ok..)then Zulffi n I went to the mall bike riding...hehehe..that was why I had been anxiously waiting for the date..Zulffi bought his new Yamaha Fz in May.I was 7mnths prgnnt at tht time..the only time I ride on the bike when he brought it home n took me for a spin around the quarters..he had been asking me to ride with him to the beach but as I was hugely prgnnt at that time and then the arrival of Zaffran Rizqi, it didnt give me a chance to go bike riding till now...

it was thrilling n mind boggling to go bike riding with him...hahaha..I was holding and hugging him so tight as I was half scared of falling riding with him..he was being the Mat Rempit, riding 100mph plus plus on the road, passing other bikes n cars...mannn!!!my adrenaline was pumping up so high..dah la kerusi tmpt duduk passger tu tinggi skit, so sort of like mcm tonggek skit la...hahah(I dont know why I am thinking of Raihan laughing while writing this...hahah) agak2 mcm minah rempit gak la aku ni mcm nak tcabut tdg pun ada, dok pgg handbeg lagi,nsib aku bw sling beg..if beg yang kena kepit tuh, ishh..aku nak kepit camana pun aku taktahu...hahahha..on the way pergi aku buka speck sb tkut tcbut ke apa.n tkut gak sbnrnya...but on the way blik, dah pkai..bosan tak nmpk jalan..hahahaha..

kitrg takde la g mana sgt pun. g Tesco, g mkn kat Kenny Rogers..jalan2 smbil pgg tgn dia, pluk dia, just enjoying the moment of being the two of us, talking about us, our life, new love -Zaffran.dah lama tak dating mcm ni..dah lama tak pgg tgn dia smbil jalan sb dukung anak atau tolak stroller, dah lama tak pluk pggng smbil jalan...huhuhhubila ada anak mmg kdg rs takde ms utk kami bdua sahaja..meaning just kdg2 kuar ni bdua ni best juga...n I miss the old times just being with him....bukan tak seronok ada zaffran, but I miss my hubby at times...bila kuar bdua mcm ni, I can stop being a mom for a while n just be a wife to Zulffi..huhu..but tak best gak, sb kdg2 tringat gak kat anak yg dok kat nuseri...dah mkn ke, ckup ke susu..huhu..well, I guess once a mother is always a mother...huhu

mlmnya, kitrg g dinner dkt New Horizon ...mkn butterprawn, ikan siakap tiga rasa, tomyam putih, n oyster with garlic..smpi nak pgsan makan..hahahha

apa2 pun, Happy 2nd annivsary sayang...another 50-70years with u InsyAllah...I love uuu....


  1. honestly,while reading this i was obviously grinning n half-laughing..but when it came to the part where u genuinely mentioned my name,i felt like rolling over the floor laughing..haha..

    beb,take a course of how to ride a bike for dummies..hehe

    owh,btw,a backpack of parachute might come in handy,just in case ur hug is losing it tightness at the speed of 100+++..hhe..(hope u can imagine this)..*grin*