Wednesday, March 26, 2008

my baby, my love...

last week Zulffi n I went to scan at Dr hafidzah clinic...although we had to wait for nearly one hour dt the long list of awaiting pt despite we had called earlier to scan the was worth the wait...hehe..we had our scan n could actually see the baby huge head, heart beating so strong inside me..then the Dr Hafidzah told us the gender of the baby...what a smile I saw on Zulffi's face..he was quite excited to hear the news..well, me tooo actually..i dont mind whether its a boy or girl as long as its healthy n come safely into the world to brighten our life..well, all I can say my instinct is quite correct as I had been leaning into finding one type of name since my early prgnnacy...but I cant keep feeling a bit that I wish it's a girl...hehe..the only reason is, I can buy pink clothes, put her in pretty frock n dress n cuddle her up..hehe..but doesnt ind boy or girl, its my say gudbye to pink dresses n flowery stuff then..hehehe...I cant wait to tell ummi when we goes back to Penang this Friday...but Lang n 'Ammar already knew..well they were hoping for a girl as we had lots of little boys n big boys in the maktok's family already n the last girls in the family is its quite nice to have another girl that everybody can dote onand pampered...but tough luck one...InsyAllah..hehehehe

the day before, we went to survey clothes n things for the baby so we can have some ideas n price to buy the baby's necessities in Penang...well, most of the thing I found cute n sweet that caught my eyes is the pink one..hahah..and of course all of Pooh's Collections..all the hats, booties, pants, tops, even the mosquito net is a delight....cant wait to start buying..Zulffi said its not suitable for a boy to where Pooh but nobody said it can't be done or its a rule that must be obeyed...I'll buy all Pooh's thing for the baby..hehehhe..Cant wait to go shopping this weekend...Im telling all my frens to buy only pooh thing for the baby..hahahaha.and the theme color is BLUE Everyone....not PINK!!!hehehe..

n talking about shopping, I need to get a maternity dress or pants n blouses...just to get everybody mind from asking "when are you going to wear maternity dress or when are changing your dress" hmpphh..quite bored to answer it long as I can still wear my baju kurung, then what is the use of buying clothes that I would only wear for a month or two...but seriously, I need to buy some new clothes as all my pants is too tight n some of my baju kurung is quite fitting esp the at the we'll see if we can find sumtg in Penang that catch my eyes...hmm and not to forget to send my "kain" to the tailor to make sum new baju kurung in clothes for the baby n mummy...=P

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