Wednesday, March 12, 2008

boy or girl???

This is day number 167 and you're 23 weeks pregnant!You have 113 days or 16 weeks left, and are 59.6% of the way there.Baby's age since conception is 153 days or 21 weeks. You are due on 7/2/2008. Im into more than half of the prgnncy...the baby is more active..kicking much harder n moving a lot whether day or doesnt really bothers me but just a comfort to me..the love for the unborn baby is growing as well as the love towards zulffi...I love it when he touch my tummy n say salam to the baby n talk to the baby...heheh..he's so cute n adorable that way..

zulffi started to find names for the baby..he said, Im into my 6th month but we still havent bought anytg or think about the name yet..well, I have sum that I want but doesnt really favour it..I really like the name Rifqi ZiQri...or Rifqah or Rifhan...also with Zafran, Zahran..sumtg unique n not common..but the choice of names had to be mutual as its our baby...last nite, zulffi say salam to the baby n call him Mohd Zahran Rifqi..suddenly the baby kick so hard, a few times...even I was shocked..heheh..maybe he really like the name or not..heheh..but until the next scan next week, we wouldnt decide on anytg yet..maybe its a boy or a girl..who knows..I tend to find boys names, but I often look at girls things or the color of pink...or cute little girl...hmmm...I do wonder what would it be...boy or girl.... but whether its boy or girl, I would always love him or she....hehehe...

so what do u think?wanna bet???hehehe

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