Sunday, October 10, 2010

at 28weeks

Baby, fetus at 28 weeks - BabyCenter

Im at the 28weeks now...seriuslllyyyyyyy...but those around me said my tummy is sooo small compared to the 1st pregnancy..even I admit it..some of my collegues or staffs didnt even notice till I wore my tudung a bit higher than my tummy ,hahaha

I can still wear most of my clothes or baju kurung, I only gain wt around 4 Kg in the 7mnths, I still can wear my smallest ring which I cannot do during Im with Zaffran' appetite is fair enough compared to Zaffran where I ate A lOT hence the 20kgs wt gain...
I can still do most of the job around the house but tire easily...had to sleep as early as possible as I would always woke up at 2 am and unable to go to sleep and would started to think of all the unrational things that makes a mother scared...a bit calm after midnite pray n doa ..guess this baby want her mummy to be closer to HIM in the last trim...good bby.. had to take care of the little man and the big daddy...luckily, Allah grant me a  husbd that helps with most of the chores except the kitchen which is my main OP site..still able to cook daily wpun huduh2...=) 

I think this 2nd baby makes me a bit worried as most people said, perut kcik...tak nmpk pun...n the baby movement not as active as Zaffran yang mana ingt ms 7 bln dah siap gerak2 smpi berbonjol2 perut...seeing n knowing all sorts of things in the paeds ward does makes me worried...only To Allah I silently pray n hope that all goes well with this 2nd one..
till tuesday for the nect TCA...hope all goes well inside...insyAllahh..

Oh..and the speculation that the baby is a girl as I mentioned the baby as her...well, hopefully its a her...=) bcause the Ob said, unable to see the testis of the baby so maybe its a girl..InsyAllah..but mgkin juga baby boy yang pemalu..heheh..apa2 pun...mana2 pun boleh..asal shtt....

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