Sunday, March 7, 2010

a year older n a year wiser InSyAllah..

6 march was my besday...the day that i turn a year older and more nearer to the end of my journey as Khalifah Allah...I could not predict when my ajal would come for me, but I could try to prepare for the time..InsyAllah...

                                                 6 march 2009                                                       
                                             6 march 2010
last year, on my birthday, we went bck to penang as I was having a holiday for  a week, so I had the chance to spent my birthday at home...I cant recall when was the last time I spent my birthday at home..over the past years since  I married I had always spent my birthday at work, either in a meeting or student presentation..blourghhh....but last year I was a able to spent in Bertam, n yesterday, at home..
done nothing special...just lazing around, reading books, having my own sweet time...Zulffi kindly take care of zaffran.settled all thre housechores, giving me sumtime for myself...he bought breakfast, cooked a simple lunch for us ( udang goreng kunyit and sup sayur bayam )hihih..n treat me to outside dinner in the evening..Tq sayang...

being another year older just makes me count my blessings...i have a great husband, a great man indeed, a cute boy, a swell family n in laws... a great life, good job (most of the times), good frens n collegues...n a great home in the making...and all thanks to Allah for all the blessings in life...

last year zaffran on my birthday still cannot walk.still crawling here n there..but today, he can talk, running here n n healthy...and hopefully our little family would be bless more by Allah in the near praying that this year onwards will be another good year for me, with zulffi nearly finished his mission...hopefully all gonna be a safe n smooth journey.InsyAllah...


  1. Sanah helwa ya ukhti
    yours was yesterday
    today is my hubby's birthday :0)
    seems like i am very suitable with people who born in early march :)

  2. qay,
    selamat panjang umur.. semoga cepat2menambah cahaya mata... ;)

  3. tq semua....doa doakan la yer...

  4. yerp salwa..u mmg ssi dgn march..hihihi

  5. abu suka gambaq kedua tu, special possing sempena bithday ibunya ?

  6. tq ija...

    abu,hahah..sbuk nak pki speck juga mcm abah n ibu..hahaha

  7. happy belated besday lady Qay... hihi... aku tak sempat nk wish thru phone ari tuh.. serius lupe .. ade family day sampai ptg... nway... semoga family korang bahagia hingga ke akhirnya... ko pun... diberkati-Nya lah segala amalan di sepanjang thn nih yer...

    ps.. gigimu sungguh cantik sekarang =p