Sunday, March 21, 2010

bertambah2 lagi gatal tgn n crazy

remember the last post bout me gatal tangan nak beli buku???well, still my c's made it itchier by telling me bout this bookstore that sell cheap First hand book..YES!!! I repeat, CHEAP FIRST HAND BOOK!!..all of the book is in good condition n cheap.. I mean, usually a James Patterson book is around RM34, it just around RM cheap loooo.... she gave me the link n makes me even crazier and more crazier bout that store and the eyes keep rolling counting how many books I can get with that price of the book....LOL.. 8-) 

BUT the bad side is, its in KL I wish Im staying in KL...not in KB..sob sob...

but at least I found in their facebook, that they will also do online ordering n shopping in April....soooo I guess no more shopping in MPH online cos I found a cheper store..hhehe..lucky me...
ok la juga as my MPH card dah nak xpired this April 

so check this  
web  or u guys..maybe those in KL n surroundings will be able to go there n shop for more books....Lucky u....

PS: there goes my budgeting for my new house.hahaha...hmmmmm..takpela...slagi blum kena byr rmh boleh la bli buku..dah byr rumah, pnjam library n paw dr library bertam aja...hahahaha


  1. kat ner nih? hari tuh baru beli 3 lagi buku Ramli Awang Mursyid...

  2. ateng, dkt amcorp mall..klo naik lrt brnti tmn jaya n cross street..kt situ..adik aku kt lerrr..hihihi g laaaa