Friday, November 27, 2009

MOBS & Luvable Contest Giveaway

have u guys join this MOBS & Luvable Contest Giveaway???

its pretty simple actually..

u just have to :

3. Blog about luvablekids store and tell us 3 items that you'll like to get from luvablekids store.
4. Make sure mention about LuvableKids Store and link it back (no linkback will be disqualified).
5. Put our contest banner on your sidebar with a link back to this contest page.
Contest Link...

6. Leave a comment at (MOBS) with your blog link entry and your email addresess

Contest runs till 29th Nov 2009

LuvableKids Store is quite an intesresting store where u can get new items at a reasonable price for ur has lots of things that makes me wish I knew bout it earlier...hehehe

and the 3 things that I really wanted to have right now are:

  1. Unite safety starter kits
i really wanted as it has all sort of safety items that surely would benefit me to protect My little explorer around the house like the cabinet slide latch,antislam door stopper. he sure loves to open n close the cabinet door and of course the house n bedroom door...once or twice he actually slam it on his I really, really neeeeeeddddd to find this kit soooooooonnnnnn..heheheh

2. Simple Dimple Simply Magical Large Diaper bag

n this second item I really really want to get is the diaper bag as it has allll the place for me to store the items i need for my babe when on the go.....and its cute also..and its also great for gift for my collegue who's expecting sooonn....

3. cushion with blanket
this item is simply marvelous for me..I wish I had knew about it sooner..its a 3 in 1 item looks n can be used as a toy, or as a cushion and also as a blanket...And it also has a lion son lovessss lion.... I just have to bring one thing for travelling instead of 3 items.isnt that marvelousss??hehehe

so makesure u check the LINK above so u can check it urself....

have a blast..

and OHHH..dont forget to join the contest the dateline is on the 29th Nov...2 more dayssss..hehehehe

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  1. Thank you for joining the luvablekids contest ! Results will be posted shortly in MOBS. Hopefully we will hear from you again to purchase the 3 items that you like from our store :)