Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Menanti di luar OT

10 Feb 09

pgi ni makcik dah dimasukkan ke OT utk buat VP shunt...its a small or minor op actually according to the neurosurgeon...insyAllah evrtg would be ok..it was supposed to be last night but cancelled dt some emergncy, the surgeon had to cut opened the head of some pt involve in that accdnt thus postponing the op to this morning...today, pakcik came to HUSM once Makcik Milah who is waiting with makcik at the ward called him telling him that makcik is on the way to OT..

I went n met pakcik outside the OT..I cant stay long as I have pts to attend n 2 meetgs today, one at 11am n the othe the mnthly unit meetg..blurghhhhh..bosan....but I hope makcik will be come out safe n sound..n evrytg would be ok InsyaAllah...

the other op is the one that I feel a bit cncerned...huhuh...I know the risk n so on..but makcik had to do the op..probbly this week or the other week...InsyAllah...evrytg will also turn out well...pray hard evryone for makcik....


  1. salam..
    Qay..baru aku jumpa blog hang ni..
    ape kabar..entry psl makcik ni , makcik yg mana..yg aku penah p umah dia kat Loq Staq dulu ka..??

  2. salam..dayah..yer..makcik yg kat aloq staq tu la..dah kuaq dah Ot..nmpk ok..