Sunday, May 4, 2008

shopping for baby and daddy

This is day number 220 and you're 31 weeks pregnant!You have 60 days or 9 weeks left, and are 78.6% of the way there.Baby's age since conception is 206 days or 29 weeks. You are due on 7/2/2008.

Fetal Development
Your baby now weighs approximately 3.5 pounds, measures about 18 inches from head to toe, and is getting used to the world of light and dark by opening and closing its eyes. Its facial muscles continue to strengthen, and your baby can make different expressions.


labour day last week Zulffi n I went shopping for our baby's stuff n daddy's stuff also...we decide to go eraly in the morning to avoid the hassle n tassle as its public Holiday..we went shopping for daddy's stuff 1st. it was quite exciting as we havent done this for a while...lucky for us there's sale for Mother's day or Labour's day I am not sure but who cares as long its SALE!!!!!!!hahaha.

later on we went shopping for baby's stuff..I was really excited to buy n pick all sorts of stuff for the Zulffi said, it's like buying a whole new set of stuff for a new starting for a new life of a new's exhilirating n both of us was really excited..there lots of stuff to buy n choose...but after deciding what's important n what's not important, we only bought the neccessary stuff for the baby..what's the use of buying all sorts of stuff but in the end u are not even gonna use or just use it for a few weeks or months..isnt it...but most importantly, now we are ready for the baby to arrive..well almost ready..still had some small tit bits thats need to be bought but there's still time InsYAllah..well, as usual, sum of the stuff I picked are Pooh's stuff, the traveling bag, the mosquito net, the cap, the pillow n I am itching to buy the whole set of mattress n pillow n comforter but I had to restarined myself as those things we had already have...hahhaa...truk betul aku...suma nak Pooh n yg bestnya zulffi pun kira ok ja n so aku amik je la..hahaha...

all in all its been a terrific day although its tiring..n when I went home n opened the stuff n everytgm I started to day dream of my baby wearing those stuff..and I am sooooooooooooooo excited to wait for the baby to come....8 more weeks...huhuhuh..cptla anak ibu..ibu dah tak sbr nak jmpa anak ibu ni....

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