Sunday, February 17, 2008

my 20th weeks

Im nearing the 2nd half of my journey towards motherhood I guess...the waistline is getting bigger..I cannot fit into my jeans, pants, even the largest I had..zulffi seems to love loking at my huge growing stomach..he would usually kiss it early in the morning or when he came home in the evening...he said 'kising my babies'...i love it when he stroked my stomach n talked to the baby....this baby is bringing us much closer than ever..I can see that he really loves me very much with his ways..he doesnt really say it all the time but the way he shows it I know, that his love for me is deepper.....he massaged by back n feet when I complain of backache or sore feet, he bought me fruits that he knows I like to eat, he helped me around the house, helping me did all the hard jobs...I love him so much..if I even mentioned it one time only that I want to eat sumthing, he would tried to find eat or just bought it for me..even if we went to the market he would asked what do I feel like eating..all the simple things makes me love him so n day more everyday...I started to get easily tired..esp on workdays..usually I felt sleepy just around 8 or 9 pm...huhuu... my wt had increase up to 54kg...the most usually I was is around 48-49kg..which makes me feels so traumatized when I wt myself..sumtimes just feels like dont want to eat, but I cant!!! I would feel hungry...even if I just take a light snack or dinner, I would feel my stomach grumbling before I went to I just had to eat..I guess my baby really likes to eat or is it just me excuses that I am prgnnt to eat watever my heart desires..huhuu...I had to watch my wt....Im a dietitian..supposedly I know how to cntrol wat I eat...huhuu..poor me... n started last week, I think I started to feel my baby moving...the 1st time was while Im in the meeting, while my bos was blabbering about god knows wat..!suddenly I felt this thudding sensations in my stomach...once, twice..then it stopped..then I felt it again...I dont know wat it was..but I wish to believe its my baby saying, he had enuff of the 'leteran' for the day..ahhahaha..well mummy tooooo dear...but its mummy's job to listen to whatever he wants to say....huhuhuhu =) later that nite, i felt it again..but when zulffi put his hand on my stomch it time dear...but Im feeling teh sensation more just makes my heart soars n happy....hehehe...the day after tomorrow is my 2nd ANC apmnt..hope to be able to do another u baby!!be a good boy/girl ok...mummy loves u!!!!muahss

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