Sunday, February 3, 2008

the day that I knew you....

27th october 2007

Dear Baby,
I have this one nagging thought in my mind... not sure whether its true or not...I want to share this feelings with others but I am not sure of it yr..maybe its false alarm..but I will wait till next week or so before I check...then after that maybe Ill decide to tell others or not..heheh..I'm 3 days late but I'm not sure yet...Im usually never been late before....maybe its true...mmm..we'll wait for a few days...but if its true..Im so glad...gonna go to Watson on the way home today n bought the kit...hehehe

30 Oct 2007

Dear Baby,
i woke up in the middle of the nite..I have this feelings that I need to do that test..Its been a week late..eventhough I havent done the test yet, but I am so sure of it..I just knew...deep inside my heart, I knew u are growing inside me..maybe its the mother's instinct....I guess...hahah,I woke up n done the test..I didnt wear my glasses so i had to read twice to make sure Im doing the rite way...I excitedly did the test , then wait patiently for the the result....N when I saw the two lines appeared, I cant stand the happiness n the warm feelings that swam tru my mind n body...Im pregnant...Im having a bby..Oh My God..We're having a baby...I am so happy...I take wudhuk n solat Tahajud n Hajat sujud Sykur on the blessings n gift that He gave to me n Abah...Ur Abah seems to sleep so soundly..never realised that I have woke n left the bedroom..eventhough i really want to wake him up n share the good news with him, I let him sleep..It can wait for a while..just 4 more hours...I put the pregnancy kit box on the sink..I know he will come in to wash his hands from his hair gel in the morning..he will see it later...I went back to sleep, holding him tight, feeling this tight n happy feelings in my heart...OH MY GOSH!!! IM HAVING A BABY!!!!..I slept with a smile in my face....

As I woke n pray at 6am, I waited with this nervous feelings in my stomach...As he went into the toilet to wash his hands as he always done, I tried to busy myself ironing the clothes to work with butterflies in my stomach...cant wait for him to see the kit...As he started to walk out from the toilet, he saw the box of the kit n he asked me.."what is this?" I said " jus read n see it for urself.." He read the instructions n opened the box, when he saw the stick with 2 lines, he asked me.."what does it mean?" I said..."u think??" he smiled so broadly n said " we're having a baby???" I smiled n said" YES" he comes out n jumped up n down chiming "Im gonna be a daddy..Im gonna be a daddy..." I laughed at his respons..He hug me n pick me up n swing me around....I laughed so hard n tears come to my eyes..Im so happy..we're having you.....hehehe
As I went to my office n did my daily routine, I knew I had to have the official check I went to the staff clinic n did the Urine the whole time, I was smiling alone..savouring the good feelings I felt..when the doctors confirmed that I am prgnntn n the nurses congratulate me, I feel like soaring tru the sky n shouting to the whole world that Im having UUUUU!!!!!!....I hurriedly went back to the office n saw my bestfren, ur Aunty Hajra...I said to her.. " I have sumtg to tell you..." "what?" she asked. " U are prgnant??" She said...I just laugh n nod. she screamed n laughed so happy by the gud we call ur Aunty El to come n met us at our office... the Aunty Hajra told her....we were laughing n smiling n talking at excited by the news....I called Ur Abah n told him the doctors confirmation...he just Said the news...afterwards when the situation had calmed down, I called ur Pak Njang 'Ammar in Korea n told him the good news...he also was soooo happy..he said, no wonder he had dreamt of babies a few days before n he was thinking about baby clothes...then I called Maklang Kauthar n told her the news...she was ecstatic..she screamed n laughed so hard n she sounded like she wanna cry for being so happy...huhuhu...everybody is so glad by the news... I called by bestfrens, Dila,Dura, Normie, Hainey n tell them the good news...hahaha...but for the time being, Im just telling some of the closest frens first...just want to keep the secrets n savour the news to myself for awhile, to let the facts sink to my head n heart that Im having a bby..but all in all, I am so happy of the unexpected news...we didnt plan n hoping for u yet this yr, but we are glad by the rezki....We know when we conceive u....A good day..a day of celebrations...a good time to be having u....Alhamdulillah...In my sujud, I thank Allah for the gift n blessings....

Later on that evening, me n Abah went out to break our fast at KBmall.Then we went to Mama Tok House so break the news to her n Maksu NINI...both of them were really happy n glad to hear the news of course...I tried to call your Tok Ummi to tell the news to her n Tok Wan...but Tok Ummi was not at home...later that night, I slept with a warm feelings n happiness that only God happy to have u in our live sayang...

the next morning, I called Tok Ummi after subuh to tell her the news...She was very happy n so thrilled..she said, earlier that month, Tok Wan was looking at baby's Cot n said that if we had a baby, he would buy it for the baby..Tok Umi said, maybe when everytg is good n evryone is ready n talking n wanting a baby into the family, Allah granted the wishes as He see its the right time n moment...Subhanallah..He really knows whats best for His creation....He had been planting the feelings n wanting in me n Abah since Ramdhan about babies n little kids..He has been making me thinking n remembering the sweetness n cuteness of a baby...maybe He has planned it slowly as He see fits us...Thank You Allah for the beautiful gift You have given us......welcome to us my dear baby!

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