Sunday, February 17, 2008

1st ANC apmnt


today was the 1st apmnt at ANC(ante natal clinic)..i WAS VERY EXCITED about the whole 1st check up...cant wait to see the ultrasound of my baby..zulffi is coming to accompany me...I had to take the usual 1st time mothers test, urine test, blood test, answer all the questions...currently Im 16 weeks happy n content with my life...I'm not having any morning sickness or alergies..I can eat pretty well n good...compared to my collegues who has a bad morning sickness...lucky me..Thank U happy for the gift...I can eat wat ever I want..watever I said I feel like eating, zulffi will try to buy it or take me to thoughtful of him so much..esp now... we did the ultrasound...I can see the baby head n heart beating..its like a light blinking on n cute..we didnt ask the Dr for the baby pict coz we thought she would print it n stick it in my crushed that I didnt have the picture of the baby..but watever it is, Im so happy that I haev seen the pict of my baby...huhuhu..

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