Monday, December 21, 2009

thanx to huds' generous help

today I have a Viva or presentation on the paper that I have wrote a few weeks back.This is for the Penilaian Aras where instead of PTK exam, we have to do a paperwork n then present it to the panel. so if u get the Aras 4, u would get a raise..simple as that..LOL..

The topic is programs, actions that u will do to be incorporated into your annual job planner for a sustainable tomorrow... USm is known for its sustainable concept with "kampus sejahtera , kampus lestari" so I had to find things that I am using daily to ensure a sustainable tomorrow..

As a paeds dietitian, mostly I create a program for the p
aeds to optimize their health n nutrition status. And among other things, I include all those 3 R concept -reuse, reduce, recycle things..a concept that I am sure most candidate had also include in their presentation.

But I also included in my programs, the go gree living lifestyle where I include all those CP(cloth pad, cloth diapers) and I brought some for demo session while I ramble all about the benefits etc..and the panel really were interested in them, and said a few times that it was a good idea to include those CP into the presentation. She even mentioned that I should opened a kiosk in front of the pharmacy n expand the ideas n sell those things to other people..hehehe

I just grinned bcos that would have to be Huds job becos she is the tokey kedai...n Im just borrowing her goods and promoting it....hihihi...thanx to Huds for sending it to me in the middle of the night just for my presentation today and I get good review bcos of her generousity...may Allah murahkan rezki ko huda.......muwahhssss n may Allah murahkan rezki aku sekeluarga juga....


  1. ehemm...perlulah dimention namaku itew....

  2. hhahah..perlu perlu....perkara yg baik perlu dihebahkan..perkara yang tak elok dismbunyi kan..hhehehe

  3. yep.go green. no matter how small it is. cek belum gune cp lg tp dah go to cloth liner. ifwat pon dah mula berjinak-jinak dgn cd. it's never too late!