Tuesday, December 15, 2009

MOM BLOGGERS PLANET - Cutest Baby Photo Contest "Cutest Baby Smiling"

another Mom Bloggers Planet Cutest Baby Contest :
"Cutest Baby Smiling."

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My Muhammad Zaffran Rizqi was born on 4th of July 2008

Y Ibu loves his smiles?????

My Zaffran Rizqi has always been a smiley baby since he was small..his eyes became small n only can be seen his black eyes with that wide smile that makes Ibu n Abah's heart melt..

he smiles when he see his abah...that make his Abah cannot believe that he has such a charming son...

he smiles when his Ibu talk to him and make funny faces to him that makes Ibu thankful to Allah for giving such a gorgoeus son...

he smiles when he wants to charm his Ibu to take him out of his cot..that makes Ibu cannot resist kissing him and hugging him so much..

his smiles lighten up Ibu n Abah's day.. after a hard day at work and wash away the tiredness

his smiles makes us feels happy n bright inside n make it worthwhile of the one hour drive to take him to the waterfall...

seeing his wrinkle nose when he smiles, make me just wanted to laugh instead of screaming mad when he make a mess out of a tidy room that I just tidy up..

his naughty n cheeky smiles that he gives when he do something that I don't allowed, makes me wanted to hug him instead of scolding him...

seeing his smiles just makes me glad Allah has given he a chance to be a mother n enjoy this feeling only a mother knows about...

Mom Bloggers Planet Cutest Baby Contest for December :
"Cutest Baby Smiling."

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