Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bumble bee vs MLO vs spctra..

I bought a new Bumble Bee bottles for my EBM storage.Have been eyeing it for a time but mlas nk order on9..then suddenly g SOGO tgok sale less 20%, aku pun cilok je la satu kotak...asal hrga RM38.90..tgall RM31..ok la kan..ada 8 botol dlm boleh la aku mgnti mana2 botol MLO aku yg dah agak longgar pnutupnya..jtuh ja..terbuka, tmpah susu..huhuh...

i like the bottles very much..its much sturdy or kukuh la..I mean tak la lmbik je...n i like dia pnya tulisan tu is much clearer than the previous bottle aku guna..yang spctra pun aku suka but bila nanny zaffran terletak penutup MLO ke botol spectra tu, botol tu jadi kemik..tak best tul...n sealing disc nya, kejap dgn penutup..kalo nak buka, kena tolak kuat skit bru far aku suka...

but yang tak bestnya..dalam kotak tu ada 8 botol but takde satu pun penutup botol...bila nak bg zaffran mnum atau buat bekal , mgkin kena tranfer ke btol lain..huhuhu...aku mula nak beli la botol xtra yang jual asing with penutup..skli tgok satu botol 5oz with penutup pun dah dalam rm27..baik aku bli anthr box skrg tgh cnpius lagi nak buat camana..huhuh..mgkin kena ltak dua bottle BB n dua botol spctra or MLO kot utk bkal susu..hmmmm...

more info on PP click here

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  1. Hi Lady Qay,

    Thank you for purchasing Bumble Bee PP Breastmilk Bottles. Just popped by and saw your entry about your comments on the bottles.

    Hope you don't mind but I am here just to share with you our main intention of introducing this PP breastmilk bottle, which is mainly for breastmilk storage, that's why there is no ring cap included in the box.

    PP as a softer plastic and with a temperature resistance of 120°C, it is generally not recommended for sterilising like other bottles, although it is safe to do so (Bumble Bee PP breastmilk bottles are tested okay for sterilising). Hence for feeding babies, we encourage parents to transfer the milk to other safer BPA-free bottles like PES or glass. PP is also BPA-free but it is softer comparing to PES. PES can sustain heat up to 180°C so sterilisation is perfectly okay for it.

    Another reason is, the breastmilk bottle is standard neck for easier and compact storage. But when it comes to feeding the baby, wideneck bottle is preferred and also generally more encouraged by doctors now because it has a closer-to-mom's-breast shape for easier acceptance from babies.

    Hope this info is useful for you. Cheers!