Monday, May 31, 2010

Yeay...Im fully CDING Zaffran

I have successfully been fully cdying zaffran at home and also at the nursery...yeay for me...luckily the babysitter solidly support me and willing to wear the cd at the nursery...although at first they put the soiled Cd in a plastic bag instead of in the wetbag that  i have provided..heheh..but now it run pretty smoothly...I have to wash the Cd used usually on Tuesday And Friday, so mean twice a week need to get more stock for at least once a week usage and for little adik soon...anyway thank you to Inche Zulffi sb tlg bsuh cd...hihih...

but still finishing the DD stock that still left...or should I let it go???hihi

Zaffran also now likes his Cd than his DD..he sometimes choose which one he wants..hihi sometimes he wanted to wear the CD by himself which is of course impossible..hahaha

i have tried all sorts of cd locally..Lunatots, Joli, Moo MOO kow, but the most that I like is Bamboolite...that is why Im selling those to help other mum to know bout the product...hihi

Look at this "imam Muda " comfy with Cd only and abah's kopiah...hihihi


  1. nuha jugak tak fully CDing lagi..susah...

  2. yaa imam muda yg balik cepat and try what tok ummi bought for u on 12th june..glad to see u on 11th june..wink wink..