Wednesday, January 5, 2011

counting my days

today is D5 of my overdue date...the state I am rite now?anxious...nervous,impatience....all sorts of things mixed together....dont know how to describe the feelings....the baby still moving actively but the mother is not moving much dt to severe pain on the hips, low section of the tummy..huhuh...

today, me and Kem scared ourselves by looking at some videos about induce labour.....hahaha..among the methods that practiced here in HUSM are :

  •  Stripping or sweeping the membranes where your practitioner can insert her finger through the cervix and manually separate your amniotic sac from the lower part of your uterus. - this one really freaks me that I dont think i prefer..huhuhhu
  • Mediacations :Prostaglandins are also available as a medication in several forms, including a pill and a gel. Your caregiver will insert the medication into your vagina to help your cervix dilate. - also not this one...huhuhu....
  • Pitocin that's given through an IV line.- definitely i choose this rather than people poking me here and there..huhuh
so since tomorrow Zulffi is not working, i decided to take my annual leave for tomorrow and today gonna be my last day working bfore delivery as  on Monday, if still not delivered, Im gonna be admitted for induce labour...AT least looking and reading for the info of induce labour prep me for the upcoming events although it makes me scared to bits...but what to do...had to go tru all that to get this little bby out..huhu...
some people said the contractions are a lot worse than the natural one due to forced labour...but some said its just the same...I guess I have to go tru it first to tell bout the experience...
and from my reading, there are lots of things to help induce labour naturally including :
  • bumpy car ride (hmmm mcm rs nak kata je, if blik penang last weknd dah bslin agaknye aku..huhuhu,,,boleh tak nak kata kat zulffi, sayang, jom kita balik penang sok..bslin sana..hihihi)
  • nipple stimulation (hmm..if zaffran still wanted to bfeed it sure can help, if not have to do it by myself)
  • squating, bouncing and stretching on gym ball( this one will surely make zaffran wanted to climb on top of the ball and sit with me as he cannot sit by himself as the ball is too big for him and he will roll over..hahaha)
  • marching up and down the stairs
  • walking (today, if the sunshines, i will have to walk zaffran for a while..huhu)
  • eating spicy food ( oh ohhh...not for me yang tak tahan pedas..huhu)
  • Talk to your baby and tell him/her it’s OK to come out now ( owh this is something that im doing rite now..hahaha with the help from abang zaffran..)
some said the baby is waiting for 11th Jan 11..and my SIL said the baby wanted to share the same date bday with her on the 12th of Jan..well. lets hope for the best...anyway, on sunday had to pack things (againnnn...) for the clothes to wear in the ward next week...sigh...hope this bby is a girl as I am always packing and packing things esp clothes...huhuhu.....

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