Wednesday, April 9, 2008

shopping for mummy n baby

last week when I went back to Penang, I went to see Miza's, Huda's baby...I went to see Huda's baby with Zulffi...he said he was quite excited afterwards esp when the baby opened her eyes,n look at him..he just couldnt wait for our baby to come soon....afterwards we went to Kamdar as I want to find sum maternity pants n blouse as I REALLY, REALLY need it..after browsing arround well, got a afew pants n blouse..I dont really fancy buying maternity's not like I dont want to, but it just does not interest me..I think prgnnt lady wearing a gown looks fat n huge n they seems to be waddling more..n the material of the gown sumtimes is so thin n i dont really fancy seeing me in that least when I am wearing blouse n pant or baju kurung I dont look so huge..haha...I Think....

afterwards we went shopping for baby's clothes..well we bought some clothes but other things we decide to buy in need to buy in Penang when the price is the same or more expensive than in KB...but what Im trying to say is, both of us was sooooooo excited choosing the clothes n tying to find the style that suite both of us interest..I prefer colourful clothes, with cartoons or patterns.but Zulffi like plain one, or white we decide on both...the pants is colourful, but the top is white with sum small cartoons...and when I packed the clothes into my bag, n still now when I saw the clothes it just makes me feel that I cant wait to hold my bby in my is zulffi....I just cant believe it Im gonna be a mummy in few more weeks....huhuhuh...

last week I went to Billion n I already find this mosquito net n one travelling bag for the baby which has POOH n its in BLUE....!!!!!!!!!!..hahahaha....Im buying that one later on.....thank God I went to Billion...I only want most of the things in blue or have POOH..hahaha..POOH fanatics...heheh..hmmm...bila nak g shopping lagi eh.....this weeknd???hmmppphhhh

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