Thursday, April 21, 2011

Activities with Abng Long

its been a while since I updated the blog....not much time to write..just wanted to update some activities Ive been doing with Zaffran...had to juggle the time between the 2 boys and their dad...hihih...after spending more time playing with him, Zaffran is less jealous towards the lil bro and more cheerful to be around...
Just need some time to figure out what to play  with him... doesnt need to have expensive things to play with him..just a simple buttons and tweezer could make him stay still for an hour at least..hahaha
building tower with duplo

his  invention ...airport for the plane
painting with ibu
arts and craft with ibu...

abang long lukis adik tgok aja okehhh

"ini jalan car lalu ibu.." how his mind works..hihi

shopaholic in the making?OH NO!!!

loves his blocks to make constructions

early training to help ibu...hhihih

Pick up the buttons

"ibu, affran ukisss..antikkkkk!"

Ibu,, affran jdi obottt...

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  1. Waaaaaah....syoknya jd robot... Nanti mai main dengan Acik skali nooh...haha