Wednesday, December 17, 2008

instroducing solid fd to my babe..

aku sgt la excited nak start solid fd utk rizqi...bnyak nak kena baca...mmg bila advice parent nmpk mcm sng basic2 je..but nak into detail to anak sndri kena la baca lbihkan...anak diorg, diorg kena la cri detail...kita bg basic je ,guidelines then pndi2 la kan....ishh tak sbr aku amik dr stu web ni... dpt pun dr link blog ija...tq ija..heheh

Here are a few "signs" that may indicate your baby is ready for Solid Foods:

Loss of tongue-thrust reflex - This allows baby to drink and swallow liquids with ease; with the tongue-thrust reflex still present, baby may simply drink in liquidy purees or push the food back out. According to Dr. JimSears, in the first four months the tongue thrust reflex protects the infant against choking. When any unusual substance is placed on the tongue, it automatically protrudes outward rather than back. Between four and six months this reflex gradually diminishes, giving the glob of cereal a fighting chance of making it from the tongue to the tummy tak try lg..mlm ni nak try..

ready for solids Ability to let you know she is full from a "meal" with signs such as turning away from the bottle or breast. This is important so that baby is able to self-regulate the amount of food being eaten. This helps stop baby from accidentally overeating as parents may continue to feed baby thinking that she is still hungry.

yang ni mmg dah ada..kalo dah knyg abis dia bling botol susu ibu tuh..if dierct BF dia akan stop, pusing bdn n trus pjam mata smbil bunyi yang sgt puas hati...tngan terangkat ke atas ltak tpi kpla...expose ketiak dia...hahah...nmpk sgt kenyang sgguh..

ready for solids Ability to sit up and hold head up unassisted

duduk takle lgi...but dah bleh angkat kpla sndri n klo dduk kat car est pun siap angkat kpla takmo bring...

ready for solids Interest in your food (we tend to disagree with this one as when a baby reaches the age of 4-6 months, he is interested in putting everything in his mouth!)

kalo bleh pnggan nasi aku tu pun dia nak capai..sume nak..kalo nmpk org mkn dia pun sbuk mgamuk nak juga...

ready for solids Doubling of birth weight

huhu...sngttttt...dah 7.8kg dah..bru 5bln lbih...

ready for solids Frequently waking in the middle of the night when a solid sleeping pattern had been established. This may not be the best indicator that your baby is ready for solids! Please keep in mind that a growth spurt will occur between 3-4 months of age, 6-7 months of age and also 9-10 months of age. Baby may also be waking due to an illness or teething.

mmg sgt kerap bgun...mcm tak knyg ja mnum susu...

banyak yang ye drpd tak..mean dah bleh bg mkn ke????mcm2 menu dah plan ni..hehehe

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  1. lepas ni rajin la masak utk i mula BLW for she tried eating sendiri with occassionally i suap skit kat dia..huhuhu makaroni naik kepala jadinye..